Creating consistent monthly income is the holy grail for small business owners.

It stops the feast and famine cycle.

It keeps your stress levels down.

It gives you breathing space to get creative, or just 'be'.

And it's been THE essential element of my own business that has stopped me from going completely insane!


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In this guide, I'll share the four essential activities that create a consistent monthly income, and how just having two of these will create the income, and security, you crave.

Hi, I'm Gemma Went

I'm a Business & Mindset Mentor with over 18 years experience, and I help small business owners get big results with my MSA Approach.

The MSA Approach is a combination of three core principles:
Mindset + Strategy + Action
You need all three to succeed and I'm a mistress of each. 

I work with my clients to create a success mindset that can get them through the toughest times, a potent strategy fully aligned with their purpose and goals and a clear action plan that makes it all happen. 


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Spam belongs in a tin, your details are safe with me. 
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