Build your business.
Grow your tribe.
Increase your income.
And become wildly attractive.

(Ok maybe not the last one)

Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur?
Would you like to grow your business without losing your sanity, without spending a small fortune and without taking course after course?
Then this is for you.

What if you could be part of a different kind of academy, with short, easy to follow masterclasses created by true experts, covering all aspects of creating, running and growing a business online?

What if you had easy-to-follow roadmaps showing you which masterclasses to take to get the results YOU need?

What if you had a one-stop-shop filled with every answer you need (and no reason to hit Google ever again)?

And what if the price-tag for this academy of dreams was completely within your reach?

If you're ...

spending time and money on digital marketing without getting the results you crave ...
desperate to make more sales and increase your income ...
spending a lifetime on Google looking for answers (hey, we’ve all been there) ...
wasting money on courses or coaches that don’t deliver (ouch) ...
fed up of looking at your competitor's fantastic results and wondering 'why not me?’ ...
know you need help but cant afford a coach just yet ...
at a point where you don't know who to trust ...

you're in the right place.

The Simply Smart Business Academy is an online business knowledge hub with 40+ digital marketing masterclasses and overwhelm-busting roadmaps that take you through the right set of classes for your needs.

And the masterclasses haven't just been created by me. I've hand selected 20+ digital experts to share their genius with you. 

Just imagine opening up your laptop to pings of sales, love notes from your tribe of raving fans and an inbox full of leads and media requests?

That reality is in reach when you're armed with the right knowledge.

Now this isn't just a load of fluff. Look at some of my clients' results

Sarah Sternberg

"You know the saying, 'It's like herding cats?' That's what it felt like when I wanted to grow my business to the next level but my ideas were like herding cats - they were all over the place! Enter the cat whisperer, Gemma, who made sense of my desire to grow yet spoke to the anxiety in my voice about how to do it.

Gemma provides practical tools that will focus you and help you create habits that make you a more productive entrepreneur. Her systems and philosophy perfectly aligned with mine because they were simple to implement. 

I needed a coach like Gemma to help me build a foundation that I can grow from and use at any stage of my business."

Anna McLoughlin

"Gemma is an online business dream machine. Give her your problems, and she’ll generously help you solve them. As part of her inspiring mastermind of wonderful women, I now have access to a whole heap of priceless tools and processes I couldn’t have accessed otherwise, I’m on target to have almost doubled my income this year and I’ve hit goals that I dreamt of for 10 years within 4 months! As a recovering perfectionist, that’s just huge for me and the most exciting part is that I know it’s only a fraction of what I’ll achieve now that my mindset has shifted so radically. Gemma is the real deal, you’ll never regret working with her."

Elsewine Rietveld

"Being part of Gemma’s mastermind is an amazing experience – a focused boost for your business, with like-minded, wonderful people. I’ve been taking my first steps converting my group trainings to an online course, but I started out a step too far, leaving out some of the essentials. Gemma has a way of being critical and to-the-point in a loving and supportive way, and after each call, I cannot wait to take inspired action on what we talked about. I needed a smaller course to start with and with Gemma's guidance created it in 5 days from ideas- on-paper to ready-to-launch!  Get in while you can, because everyone wants to work with her or hire her - she’s brilliant, real and authentic."

I asked the academy members to sum it up with one word ... here are a few of them

Brilliant / Flexible / Accessible / Genius / Outstanding / Actionable / Precious / Awesome / Ace / Motivational / Friendly / Welcoming / Comprehensive / All-encompassing / inspiring / Magnificent / Oracle

So why the heck should you trust me?

I’m Gemma Went, Business & Mindset Mentor with more experience than you can shake a stick at.

I've had two successful awards winning businesses of my own, I was social media director of at two London agencies, the first to create a social media strategy for the BFI London Film Festival, the first to put fashion bloggers on the red carpet at the WGSN Global Fashion Awards, launched numerous successful businesses and products, ran 15 Crowdfunding campaigns (all of them funded) and currently mentor small business owners to reach their goals, supported by my three core principles: Mindset + Strategy + Action.

A psychology graduate and a digital native, I apply psychological theory to all I do. I understand what people need, want and desire and combine that with my digital knowledge to deliver it in the most effective way possible. 

I've worked with hundreds of small business  owners and learnt what works and what doesn’t. And THIS I will share with you inside the academy. From water-tight strategies that deliver, to nailing the implementation, I will show you how I do this EVERY SINGLE DAY for my clients.

I also know what it's like to create and grow a new business from scratch. I’ve been there on the front line. I know what people like you need to make your business work online.

And my results show it. Here are some of them:

  • Kerri doubled her income in 2 months and was on page 1 of Google.
  • Rachel sold out a brand new program and added an extra £5k to her income after working with me for a month.
  • Anna launched her course within 3 months (she’d been trying to do this for a decade!).
  • Jen brought her fledgling new product idea to life within 4 months, was inundated with sales and had to recruit a new team member.
  • Karen launched a new income stream in under a month, after hiding this talent for years.
  • Emma uncovered that she was out of alignment with her true calling, and completely pivoted her business.
  • Sam hit over £1.2 million in sales within 4 months of launch.

Here's what you get


Over 40 masterclasses. But don't panic, these won't overwhelm. You can do them at your own pace, as and when you need them.


As well as me you get over 20 experts sharing their genius with you, so you know you're getting tried and tested training that works.


Easy-to-follow roadmaps that will take you from class to class to deal with whatever issue you have.

Hear from some Academy Members

Marie Yates

"The work that has one into this shouldn’t be underestimated and that’s one of the many things that inspired me. The support isn’t just about the business development, it’s also about personal development and it helps you figure out where to start and which order to do things in, depending on where you are in business. The practical help is fabulous as well as the signposting and group motivation for accountability."

Noomi Natan

"I know it might sound too good to be true with all the many things the Academy covers, but Gemma is the real deal. Not only are the masterclasses super practical and to the point, you get access to Gemma and that is worth gold. It’s like a one stop shop for everything online business."

Olivia Thomson

"The Academy is the perfect partner to my business and I feel like I have a mentor by my side. It’s reassuring and exciting to know that the bank of knowledge is sitting there ready for me. The downloads provided are also fantastic, they help to make the learning come to life instantly, providing you with workable documents you can use straight away. If you’re on the fence, take the plunge. You won’t be disappointed."

Dr Jack Darby

"The problem I’ve found with online ‘gurus’ is that they spout recycled content with no personality or specificity. There are many imitators out there that are just there to take your money. But with Gemma’s Academy I really get a sense that she cares. Everything has a personal tough and has been tried and tested in the trenches. I’ve never seen such a comprehensive resource that gives you every tool you need to excel at online marketing. Absolutely priceless."

Lucy Brown

"Gemma’s Academy is the essential go-to resource. I’m someone who’s naturally wary of social media, but I recognise it’s importance and value and with the tips in the Academy, I’m learning to embrace it. I also feel empowered by the knowledge that with the right help, there’s so much that I can learn to do myself to get the results that I want from my business. The Academy isn’t just a fantastic resource, it’s essential in my opinion."

Linda Catling

"I’d been trying to create an online business for 2 years, with some success. But I was missing the ‘nuts and bolts’ information about how to put the pieces together. As a result, I couldn’t bring myself to launch my membership program. Now, having worked through about a third of the masterclasses, I’ve sketched out my launch plan, created my social media strategy, and I’m working on my content calendar. I honestly don’t think I could have done any of this without Gemma’s help."

Your Masterclasses

How To Create A Digital Strategy
The 90 Day Planner
The Launch Framework
How To Scale Your Business
How To Create A Growth Strategy
Fostering Innovation For Enterprise
How To Start A Social Enterprise

Identifying Your Purpose & Vision
How To Build A Standout Brand
Positioning For Growth
How To Create Your Story

Affiliate Marketing
Multiple Income Streams
How To Create A Course

Beginners Guide To Facebook Ads
Creating A Facebook Ad Strategy

Beginners Guide To Convertkit
Beginners Guide To Mailchimp 
How To Create Great Funnels 
Create The Ultimate Lead Magnet
How to Create A Lead Engine

An Intro To Google Analytics
How To Create A Wordpress Website
How To Create A Square Space Website
A Beginners Guide To SEO
Creating Killer Copy For Your Website

Rockstar Visibilty Masterclass
A Beginners Guide To Pinterest
Social Media Tips & Hacks
The LinkedIn Masterclass
How To Use Instagram
How To Create A YouTube Channel

How To Grow Your Community
How To Win More Clients

Copywriting Masterclass
How To Make Great Videos
The Content Capsule
Beginners Guide To Content SEO
Your Content Conquering Battle Plan

Working Smarter Not Harder


How To Remove Blocks
An Intro To Business Woo Woo
The Power Of Forgiveness
How To Stop Self-Doubt & Self-Sabotage

The Perfect PR Pitch

But don't be overwhelmed by that little lot up there.You also get handy roadmaps that link these classes together into mini courses that suit your business stage.

Your investment

The Academy is a fraction of the cost of comparable membership sites and courses. I know this. But my aim is to give you the right training, without breaking the bank.

12 Month Payment Plan



  • Over 40 Masterclasses
  • Over 20 Experts
  • Roadmaps
  • Workbooks, templates, swipe files
  • Facebook Group Mastermind

Pay In Full


  • Over 40 Masterclasses
  • Over 20 Experts
  • Roadmaps
  • Workbooks, templates, swipe files
  • Facebook Group Mastermind

6 Month Payment Plan



  • Over 40 Masterclasses
  • Over 20 Experts
  • Roadmaps
  • Workbooks, templates, swipe files
  • Facebook Group Mastermind

If you have questions

The answers may just be here

Yeah Yeah, this sounds far too good to be true // A few people have said that, because it doesn't go deep on one issue, but covers so much. In fact it covers everything you need. But here's the thing, it goes deep on EVERY issue. It goes into each element you need to get the results you crave for your business. In a simple, smart way. You see I care about you getting results for your business. I REALLY care, and this is why I created the academy. I want to give you honest, quality support to grow your business in an affordable format. So if you're sitting on the fence. If you're thinking 'Well, it sounds too good to be true'. It really IS that good. My new members are all telling me so. And I'd love you to join them.

How long do I have access // You have access for as long as the Academy is available. This means you get access to any updated or new training as it happens.

Who is the Academy for // The academy is for small business owners and entrepreneurs at any stage of business. Whether you’re an absolute beginner with no digital know-how at all, or you’re doing kind of ok but know you could do better. It can also be used by in-house teams who need to keep their digital skills up to date.

My business is just an idea right now, I don’t even have a website. Is this for me // Absolutely. It’s perfect for startups as it takes you through everything you need to get a business up and running online. 

Why would I choose this over other courses or membership sites // This really is the most extensive digital marketing hub there is. We currently have over 20 experts and over 40 masterclasses that I have carefully curated for you, and this will only grow over time. I cover EVERYTHING. From startup to growth and everything in between. It’s your one-stop shop and the best way to get the results you need online without spending a fortune. Where else do you get access to some of the leading online experts for such an affordable price? 

Who are the experts // Jo Gifford, Bushra Azhar, Joanna Hunter, Julie Lowe, Sarah Leather, Star Khechara, Lauren Vanessa Zink, Gemma Regalado, Elizabeth Goddard, Jenna Leigh, Karla Morales-Lee, Dina Bergman, Kerri Walker, Niamh Arthur, Jen Turrell, Joanne Jacobs, Mariska Anderson, Nicole Liloia, Emma-Louise Smith, Anna McLoughlin, Tamara Baranova, Elsewine Rietveld, Rebecca Bradley, James Gurd and more will be joining us.

Why are there so many women? Is this just for women // Honestly, it's because I work with a lot of women. HOWEVER, I did invite a few guys and unfortunately they weren't able to contribute at this time. They will in the future though. And NO, this is definitely not just for women. These masterclasses can be used by anyone.

There are A LOT of masterclasses, I'm worried I'll be overwhelmed // Each masterclass is only 30 minutes long and you can do them at your own pace over your annual membership. There is no timescale for completion in that time and you only do the masterclasses that suit your business as and when you need them.

What if I need some structure? I'd like to know which masterclasses I need to take to address my particular issues // I've created a number of roadmaps that will tie the right masterclasses together to deal with specific problem (they're like mini courses). You'll know exactly which masterclass you need to take. PLUS you can always ask us.

This is too expensive for me // This is a fraction of the cost it would take you to pay a coach or consultant to help you achieve everything we have in the academy. A tiny fraction at that. PLUS I've created a handy payment plan to suit most budgets.

What if it doesn’t work // For the academy to work you need a solid business idea and the commitment to follow the training and take action. If you can commit to that, it will work.

Do you offer refunds // I don't offer refunds, I've laid out EXACTLY what's in the academy and advise every member to be 100% certain that this is right for them from the outset. I only want people to join who are committed to getting results.

Do you offer One-to-One support // Not in this academy, but I'm very active in the Facebook Group.

I'm in the UK, do you charge VAT // No, we don't charge VAT. This is the final cost.

I'm in Europe, do you charge VATMOSS // No, we're exempt from VATMOSS.