If life has made you dim your light this, my darling, is for you.

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If life has made you dim your light this, my darling, is for you.

Limiting beliefs, doubt and fear often make those unique, powerful parts of us disappear, making it harder to fully show up as all that you are and create all that you desire.

If you long to step up and take back that power, fully stepping into your light as you step into abundance and bring those desires to life, then it's time to call back your light.


It's time to
Be The Lighthouse



Because when we do this, we:


Shine bright for ourselves and others.

Light the way for our people to step fully into their power.

Create impact, abundance, wealth, for ourselves and others.

I'm Gemma Went, Conscious Business Mentor, Certified Mindset Coach and Energy Practitioner. In this 20 minute meditation I'll take you through a powerful process to shed those layers that have dimmed you and call that light back, as you shine brighter and brighter the more you use it. To access its power, add your details below. 


"I’ve been listening to this meditation before I start my day for a week now and have felt all the feels every time I listen. I've reclaimed my light. I feel like I’m shining and this is coming through in my content. I feel less fear about what I’m posting. I feel fully connected to my higher self and have allowed guidance to come through. I’m trusting it and acting on it. Such a powerful meditation."


"So in love with this meditation Gemma. So much so I’m about to listen to it on the train into London on the way to a Christmas party, as I can’t have a day without it! It feels like you’ve written it just for me … it’s incredible how you’ve captured everything I need to hear. And as for your voice … well HELLO SEXY. Oh … and did I mention I’ve made a sale of private coaching each time I’ve listened to it? Soooo good."

For now, this powerful meditation is free.
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