Gemma Went

Beyond The Bio

If you’re new to me, have connected recently or connected a while ago but still don’t really know ‘who’ I am, beneath the surface level social stuff, well … this may just fill in a few gaps if you’re thinking about working or collaborating with me.

The thing is, a collection of images and a few sentences in a bio never share the whole human. I think it’s important to really know who you’re connecting with, at a deep level .. which is how ‘Beyond The Bio’ was born.

In terms of what I do, I’m an online business mentor, certified mindset coach and energy practitioner, working with driven humans who want to grow and scale an online business without burning out or selling out. A business that creates the success they crave, whether that success is working less, making more money or creating a legacy. We do this through my company, The Lighthouse Business Academy, by sharing ethical, sustainable, wildly profitable business growth practices that feel aligned with your values and needs.

I've been doing this for 8 years, and won a couple of awards for it, but behind that I have 22 years business and marketing experience that enable me to create the results I do now.

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