✓ You’re a driven coach, consultant expert or online business owner ready for your next level.
✓ Your on the cusp of six figures or already at multi-six figures, and you're ready for your next level.
✓ You’re stuck at a plateau and you just can’t breakthrough.
✓ You know what you need to do, but your mindset is standing in your way.
✓ You have big business goals but no idea how to reach them.
✓ You’ve tried more online courses than you dare to count.
✓ You’ve had your fingers burned by other coaches and you don’t know who to trust.
✓ You’re frustrated and lonely while you do everything yourself with little or no support.


... to just a few of those, then it’s time to work with someone who will show you the right way to grow and scale online.

To take your business to £20k-£50k consistent recurring months in a way that feels good to YOU. Without burning out.

 Someone with over two decades of experience.
 Someone who has worked with thousands of humans, just like you.
 Someone with impressive results for her clients and her own businesses.
 Someone with integrity at her core.
 Someone with awards and certifications coming out of her ears.

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I’m Gemma Went, Online Business Mentor and Mindset Coach with a perfect mix of modalities and methods to help you breakthrough to your next level.

My psychology background coupled with my mindset coaching and energetics modalities means I’m equipped to work safely with your subconscious, while my 22+ years worth of business strategy across corporates, brands, agencies and SMEs and online business owners means I have the experience and transferrable skills to help you strategically reach your goals. 

I go above and beyond to get YOU the results you crave.

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The Soul Led Success Framework

At the core of our offers sits our Soul Led Success Framework which merges our three core pillars: strategy, mastery and legacy. We focus on helping our clients create simple, aligned online businesses that create consistent £10k to £50k+ months with unshakeable inner confidence, unique standout and an aligned, sustainable business with next level revenue, freedom and fulfilment.

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Recurring Revenue Models
Evergreen Offer Design
Evergreen Marketing + Sales
Experience Design
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Subconscious Rewiring
Energetic Uplevels
Unique Genius Positioning
Next Level Identity Shifts
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Vision + Mission Alignment
3-10 Year Planning
Financial Planning
Impact Mapping
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Harriett Jackson

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Dr Kate Tomas

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Tracy Litt-Lester

Her methods and framework for getting out of overwhelm and into action are awesome. Her ideas and direction are invaluable. Her generosity, her listening, her love are unparalleled.

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Jo Bendle

My business increased 65% from having her support and constant encouragement. I know a lot of the biz stuff but I still needed this lovely legend in my life to support me through my next uplevel.

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Sharn Khaira

Gemma’s the real deal and hands down one of the best mentors I have worked with! She was the first person to really believe I could hit six figures, even though that meant doubling my income!

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Claire Winter

If you want expert eyes on your business, look no further. Gemma has an amazing ability to give you great advice to achieve clarity. A master of recurring revenue, she will give actionable advice to move your business forward with grace, humour and tough love.


My Private Offers are my highest-level support, designed to blend feminine and masculine business growth to take you and your business to the next level.

All The Soul Led Success Framework® at their core, which means you get sustainable strategic advice coupled with mindset and energetics to heal and clear any growth blocks that crop up on the way, helping you to step into a new level of mastery as you build your legacy business.

You have three choices...

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The Elevate Experience is a six month supportive mentoring and coaching journey that gives you every element you need to take your business to the next level of growth, while taking care of you so you don’t burn out on the way to that ultimate destination you dream of.

This is for those online business owners who have already been through a lot of the online entrepreneur stuff. The courses. The coaches. The training. Done.

Humans who have had some success already and have a taste for more. 

Humans with some of the systems and strategy in place (but those could always be improved right?). 

Humans who have done a lot of the inner work, and are ready for the next stage. 

Humans like you. 


I’ve looked long and hard at what my clients need to fully support them, including mind, body and soul. You see nothing can work in isolation, and we need to address and support business strategy and growth alongside mindset, energy and body.

This is what you get inside:

Business Review conducted by me so that I can get under the skin of your business, analyse current performance and get clear on gaps blind spots. 

In person or Online Strategy Day to kick things off where we’ll create your one year strategy and then the six month action plan that we’ll follow during our time together. We’ll also design the bespoke mindset, energy and strategic support you need over the six months to implement your strategy, which we will activate in our sessions each month. 

Bespoke Growth Plan for the next six months, including a simplification plan, goal mapping, revenue mapping and self care plan.

Two Calls Per Month to either double down on a strategic problem, or work on your mindset or energy, depending on what you need at the time. 

Telegram Coaching so that you can check in and ask questions when things crop up.

90 Day Review at the midpoint to check in on performance and results, and if necessary adjust our plan for the next 90 days together.

This is ideal for those who want to fast track their growth with deeper support and healing. Who are already at, or close to, six figures and are looking to create £20k-£50k months, and want the proven strategy, trusted guidance and mindset and energy support along the way.

Whatever mindset blocks appear during our time together can be removed as they happen, clearing the way to faster growth and shortening your growth timeline. 

This is the deepest, most transformational way to work with me.


The investment is £20,000 ex VAT. Payment plans are available.

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The Elevate Intensive is a one month strategic intervention to fast-track your growth.

The thing is, sometimes you're too close to our own business. You can’t see the wood for the many trees that stand in the way of your success. You know what you want to achieve, you have big bold goals, but often you:

  1. Have no idea how to reach those goals.
  2. Have a number of belief blocks in the way so you don’t think you can do it.
  3. Have tried numerous times but it didn’t work and you just don’t know how to make it work for you.
  4. All of the above.

This is where I come in.


Business Review conducted by me ahead of our day together so that I can get under the skin of your business, analyse current performance and get clear on gaps blind spots that we’ll address in your Strategy.

Immersive Day in person or online to co-create your strategy together. My days run from 10am to 4pm (UK) with regular breaks and lunch built in. The day includes:

Getting clear on your goals so we can align everything you do next year with achieving them, including your revenue goal.

Creating an action plan for each goal that you will implement over the year.

Stripping back anything that doesn't serve you to free up much needed time.

Reviewing your offers and removing, redesigning or fine tuning to optimise them for recurring revenue and profit (my speciality).

Reviewing your marketing plan and simplifying, redesigning or fine tuning to optimise for evergreen (my other speciality).

Reviewing your systems and optimising them to support you better as you grow next year.

Bespoke Growth Plan you can implement immediately. 

Plus Telegram Coaching for one month after our day together so that you can check in and ask questions when things crop up.

I’m giving you everything you need to succeed. No guesswork, no jumping from guru to guru wondering if they have the answer, no doubting yourself. Just a clear, aligned plan that will get you to those big, bold, beautiful goals of yours.


You will save time, money and the energy you would spend trying to work all of this out for yourself. I’ll also ensure that your revenue plan includes a way to get ROI on this in the first 90 days, so you hit the ground running, make your money back and are in profit early on.

£6,500 ex VAT for the Virtual Day on Zoom /£7,000 ex VAT for the In Person Day at a hotel. Payment plans are available.

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The Pocket Mentor is a one month Telegram only offer where you have me in your pocket to guide and support you over the month.

I get that a full mentoring program may sometimes feel too much, when you just want that support on hand when you need it.

The Pocket Mentor is perfect for that.


One month support over Telegram Monday to Friday.

Once you've signed up, you will be sent a form to share with me what your focus is for the month we're working together so I can keep you on track.

If you'd like to extend beyond the first month, there are options for that.


£2,000 ex VAT for one month.

I only book two of these each month, so grab your spot quick!


Our handy chart below may help.

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Telegram is a free messaging app that uses text, video and audio. It instantly delivers your messages and allows a powerful two way communication, meaning that you get my support as and when you need it during our time together. No more second guessing, no more getting stuck in resistance, no more loneliness.


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6 Month High-Level Journey

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1 Month Intensive Journey

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1 Month Telegram Coaching

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If you have any questions, email the team here or hit the live chat below.