The Simply Smart Business Strategy Workbook

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Grab my business strategy framework and create a robust plan that will bring your business goals to life.

My 10 step business strategy framework is something I've used for over a decade on both mine and my clients' businesses. It's the system I use for my one to one coaching and each of my masterminds.

Is this for you?


This is for you if:

  • You're a small business owner or entrepreneur either right at the start of your business, or a few years in.
  • Your business is either entirely online or a bricks and mortar business.
  • Your business is service or product based.
  • You're ready to get serious about your business this year.
  • You understand that no business can survive without a solid strategy.
  • You're ready to stop running a side hustle and create a bonafide business that will help you to achieve your business dreams.
  • You're ready to learn from someone with 20 years experience working with some of the worlds biggest brands, 12 of those online.
  • You're ready to use a PROVEN system that gets results, every single day.








This is what you get ...


Easy to follow video training that takes you through the framework.


Simple, well designed workbook in that allows you the flexibility to format to fit your needs.


My One Page Strategy template to distil your strategy into an easy to follow format and keep it front of mind.


Grab my Income Planner Spreadsheet and Promotional Planner Spreadsheet to plot out your business.

The 10 Step Framework Covers


  1. Full business review
  2. Finding your WHY with clarity and purpose.
  3. A close look at your audiences.
  4. Uncovering your values, your uniqueness and your value proposition.
  5. How to create YOU, the expert.
  6. Nailing down your big vision and business goals.
  7. Mapping out your income streams.
  8. Creating your marketing plan.
  9. Understand how, and where, to get help.
  10. How to implement it all.

This is what you get out of it ...


  • Easy to follow training and workbook that will take the fear out of creating a business strategy.
  • A clear strategy that will create laser sharp focus and help you achieve your goals, faster.
  • A validated, future proofed business.
  • A clear income plan that will help you to smash those money goals.
  • An easy to follow business roadmap for 2018 that will remove the guesswork once and for all.

Marie Yates

"Gemma's managed to seamlessly combine business planning with the inspiration and excitement that comes from turning an idea into a tangible and sustainable enterprise. It’s easy to follow, to understand and to complete, but don’t be fooled. The insight within the process and the empathetic approach to this tool can only come from someone who genuinely has the skills to help you be the business person you are destined to become."

Anne Ferguson

"I've already achieved more in a few weeks working with Gemma's Simply Smart Business Strategy workbook than I have in the last six months. I'm feeling much clearer and more focused than I was before. Working this way through all areas of my business isn't easy but it's totally worth it. Clear guidance, focus and smart strategy... thanks to Gemma's amazing tools I feel like a more strategic business leader already!"

Noomi Natan

"Gemma is the real deal. When she creates something you know you get value for money. Gemma’s strategy workbook and 90 day planner is the perfect combination to get you organised and focused. My favourite part is how Gemma explains and orders everything. I have just started using her systems, but already feel much more on top of my work and much clearer."

Olivia Hill

"Gemma's strategy workbook and 90 day planner is all about getting stuff done with laser sharp focus. I love the step by step approach which makes something that is essentially really hard, much easier. With Gemma you know you are getting something battle tested. Everything she produces is actionable, it works and if you put your faith in her you'll come out the other a whole lot clearer."

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Business Strategy Workbook

Video Training

One Page Strategy

Income Planning Spreadsheet

Promotional Planning Spreadsheet



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