Welcome to something a little bit different.

Something that will fast track your business results. Something that breaks away from longer term mentoring, programs, masterminds and courses. This is about getting knee deep in your business and turning it into a sustainable, profitable company with longevity.


You've been in business a while but you're just not reaching those revenue or profit levels you need.


You have a website. You're using social media. Heck you may even have given Facebook ads a go, but you're not getting the results you CRAVE.


You spend a tonne of time on social media, but not a great deal of that time is converting into buyers.


Your website is as much use as a chocolate fire guard.


Your email list is like a sad, barren land of lost souls. Or worse still, there's barely anyone there.


You're done with DIY, and you're a bit over courses and programs. What you would love is an experienced consultant to analyse your business, show you how to turn it around and give you an easy roadmap for you to implement.


Because ultimately you have no idea if the strategy you're currently using is right for you. Worse, you may not even have a strategy to create growth in your business.


I'm a Business Mentor + Growth Strategist with 20 years experience and I want to help you.


I've worked for brands, corporates, agencies and SME's. I've been on the board of directors for multi-million pound companies. I understand what works on big, medium and small businesses across a range of industries: online, offline B2B and B2C.


I can bring that depth of experience to you, helping to craft a business strategy aligned with you and you alone (we don't do cookie cutter here).


I've founded two multi-six figure businesses of my own, and I've created teams and systems to support me.


I'm a genius at seeing WHY things aren't working, spotting revenue gaps, creating the right strategy to turn it around and then showing you HOW to achieve it.


You see I'm like a maestro when it comes to business. And the business is my orchestra. I know how to make it all sing together beautifully, across finance, operations, team management, marketing, sales and client delivery, to create the optimum results and revenue.


I'd like to do that for you.



Look, I know what it's like. You've been doing this business stuff alone, maybe with some coach or mentor support and a few programs here or there. But you really don't know if what you're doing is right for you. You know you need a strategy, but you have no idea what that looks like for you, let alone how to create one. 

Well, let me help.

I'd love to take you from frustrated, struggling and worried about revenue, to feeling confident about each part of your business, secure in the knowledge that you WILL reach those financial targets. Because you have the right strategy to do it.

With no second guessing. No temptation to try shiny new things. Because you have it all mapped out.

You see people often ask me for this. A quick solution to solve their business problems, without spending months on yet another course or being sent on a strategic wild goose chase.

Sometimes, you need to plug-in the RIGHT expertise. Someone you can trust. Someone with integrity at her very core. Someone who genuinely cares. Someone with a truckload of experience that can take you by the hand and tell you everything will be ok.



In the Business Reboots you get ME analysing your business. This is virtual or in person consultancy that I do 'with' you.

I'll go deep with you to understand your mission, vision and goals
(if you're not sure of these, don't panic - I'll get them out of you).

I'll identify where the gaps are.

I'll identify what you need to improve and what you need to stop.

I'll identify where you can improve your results, FAST.  

Then you get your own bespoke, fast-track strategic roadmap to get you where you need to be, with full instructions on how to get there. 

This is your chance to have an experienced consultant inside your business, understand you and your vision, help you move into full alignment, look at your structure and processes and identify exactly where you're going wrong. I'll then create a strategy to increase your revenue and get your business running like clockwork. 

No more second guessing. No more cookie-cutter methods that just don't work for you. No more wasting money on coaches with no real business experience.  

You walk away with a full document detailing your strategy and a six month plan to implement it. 

AND, if you choose to upgrade, you get 1 month of mentoring, hand-holding, and accountability from me.



"If you're considering a reboot with Gemma, go for it! I have so much clarity on what I've got to do now to scale my business. Thank you Gemma!"


"Your business reboot is incredible Gemma! One of the best pieces of work I have ever invested in.
Thank you xx"


"My diary is fully booked and I'm actively looking to take on staff. The expansion is on Gemma. If you are waiting for a sign to work with her then don't, just do it! You won't regret it."

And Suzi, who put it so eloquently I had to share it all


"I walked in the room with a ripple of anticipation in my stomach. I was so ready for what was coming… and yet I had no idea what was coming. (Doesn’t business feel a bit like that every week?!).

Anyway, there she was, Gemma Went.

This little sunbeam of a human with ice-blue eyes that see through souls. I think she saw through mine, anyway.

Because all of a sudden I was saying things I had always known but never said.

Eight hours later I had a bigger, clearer, and more exciting vision, mission, purpose, message, set of goals, and strategic plan than ever before. 

She’d (lovingly) challenged me to dive into the waves when she found me paddling in safe waters.

She’d turned a waterfall of ideas, thoughts, and doubts into something that made my skin tingle.

She’d highlighted the blindspots and the possibilities that I wasn’t letting myself see.

She’d fought for me when I’d forgotten my own magic for a moment.

But more than anything, she’d VALIDATED ME and what I’m here to do in the world."


As well as over a thousand small businesses, my clients have included:



Skye took her monthly revenue to five figures within 6 months.
Olivia 10x her client charge rate after gaining the courage to charge what she was worth.
Kerrie reached six figures within one year after leaving her job and starting a brand new business.
Marie tripled her rates, been fully booked ever since working with me and has doubled her 2019 revenue.
Rachel sold out a brand new program within a month of working together and brought in £5k of new revenue.
Glyniss is working with fewer clients and making five times more revenue.
Natasha has reached multi-six figures after one year of working together with a brand new business.
Anna launched her course within 3 months (she’d been trying to do this for a decade!).
 Sara had her highest monthly income within 3 months.
 Jen brought her fledgling new product idea to life within 4 months, was inundated with sales and had to recruit a new team member. 
Sam took her trampoline park business to 7 figures within 3 months of opening.
Aesop took their new agency to 7 figures within 1 year. 


Fancy joining this list?


The Business Reboots are perfect for online business owners and entrepreneurs at varying levels. Because of this I have created different options to suit budgets. However if you're brand new to business with no validated business idea or offers that are selling, this will be too advanced for you.


Here we will follow my Reboot Framework to co-create a strategy for your business that will get you where you need be be, faster.

No guesswork, just my brain inside your business creating your strategy for you, and all of my tactics and hacks to support you.

We hold this on Zoom and you will walk away with the recording and the strategy and a 6 month roadmap that I create for you live. This includes a revenue plan to help you reach your consistent monthly revenue target and what you need to do to achieve it. 

Ahead of the session, you fill in the Reboot Briefing so that I can research your business ahead of our time together and come armed with a few creative ideas from the start.


With this option you get the full consultancy experience.

I research your industry, your customers and deep dive into your business and goals over a week, creating a clear strategy and roadmap to get you to those lofty goals of yours, with follow up mentoring to support you if you wish.

You get a fully designed business strategy, step by step guides, revenue plan and marketing and sales system.

We kick-off by having a briefing session on Zoom so I can fully understand your business now and where you want to be. I will then go away, do the work and send you the strategy to digest, before we have another session to go through and refine it until you're happy.

You walk away with a ready-to-implement strategy and the option of upgrading to a follow up call and one months support from me.


This isn't for the faint-hearted. I'll put in the work to create the right strategy for your business. You need to put in the work to implement it.





Ex VAT. Payment Plans Available
Option to upgrade to a full day
Option to upgrade to in person at a hotel

Briefing form review ahead of the session by me.

Business review and strategy co-creation session.

Strategy mapped out by me for the next 6 months to include:

  • Ideal paying customer
  • Brand model that goes deeper on your positioning and messaging
  • Revenue plan
  • Strategic goals + task breakdown for each goal to ensure you meet them.
  • OR if you have some of these elements nailed down already, we can chat about what you specifically need help with and design the session around you. For example, you may want to just focus on revenue plan, marketing strategy, systems, team etc. 

You will be sent the strategy document to implement and the recording of our session.




Ex VAT. Payment Plans Available
Option to upgrade to 1 month
follow on support

Briefing session on Zoom.

I go away for 1-2 weeks and conduct a full business review with bespoke report, improvement plan and strategy.

We then have a full debrief, mentoring and training session where I deliver your strategy for the next 6 months and give you all you need to delivery it.

Your strategy for the next 6 months will include:

  • Ideal paying customer
  • Brand model that goes deeper on your positioning and messaging
  • Revenue plan
  • Strategic goals + task breakdown for each goal
  • Website improvement plan
  • Marketing & sales system
  • Mapped out funnel to get your sales working on automatic
  • Mapped out automation plan to make your business run like clockwork
  • All of my processes, systems and shortcuts to business success


I'll take a look at your application and check that I'm able to help you achieve what you need inside of my Reboot Framework. 

Once I'm happy with that, we'll be in touch to offer you a spot and get you booked in and onboarded.


No more guesswork, you will have an aligned strategy that will get you to where you need to be in your business, faster. Saving you time, money, energy and heartache. 

Stronger positioning and messaging so that you can connect deeply to your ideal paying customer and increase your conversions.

A mapped out revenue plan to ensure you’re offering the right things, at the right price and creating consistent monthly income.

The right strategy and systems to take your business to the next level. Whatever that level is for you.

Clarity, confidence and a new found passion for your business and what you can achieve.

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