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To the coaches, consultants, creatives and change makers who are ready to take their impact, income and influence to the next level...


Become a Certified Online Business Coach with your very own collection of frameworks, programs, content and Diagnostic Tool.

So you can fast-track your growth, step into your mastery, and build a business that leaves a legacy.

With this accredited certification, you'll save - on average - two years in just six short months.

With Results Like These

"I hit my monthly revenue goal within a week!"

"My call conversion rate has increased to over 80% with the online business audit!"

 "I had my largest sales month - including a multi 5 figure week - and my biggest cash month to date."

 "I filled my first evergreen group program within two months of graduating."

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If you'd love to step into a deeper, more impactful, way of serving based on proven frameworks that you know are going to get your clients results… 

If you'd love to take your revenue to the next level and beyond, while having the life you're dreaming of right now...

If you'd love to boost your creds and step fully into your authority... 

If you'd love to have the methods, strategies and systems of a proven online business mentor so that you can shortcut your business growth and use them with your clients...


... You're in the right place

With every booming industry comes unethical practices and inexperienced service providers.

The online business world is no different. It's littered with unqualified business coaches sharing hand-me-down strategies that don't work. 

Sadly, in their wake are a long list of clients that they’ve not only failed to help, but they’ve actually caused harm with their lack of skills, qualifications and care.

It's time for change


It’s time for those that care about their clients to keep honing their skills in the pursuit of excellence, to step forward.

It's time to answer your calling, to step up with purpose, to serve at a higher-level and be the change we need in the online industry.

The thing is, becoming an online business coach takes more than being in business yourself or learning from your coach. It takes mastery and excellence. It takes experience.

Lucky for you I've poured over 22 years in business, 9 of those in the online business coaching world into this certification.

Because now is the time to equip a new wave of conscious online business coaches and change makers with the right mindset, strategies and frameworks that create real results and sustainable growth.

When I created the Conscious Consultant Certification®, I opened my vault of protected IP for others to use and draw upon in their unique businesses as they join me in creating a ripple effect across our industry. 


But I didn't just design a certification


I had it accredited by The CPD, a global training accreditation board to ensure it met a recognised standard.

I created a set of frameworks, designed your programs, drafted your client agreement and created your content.

I designed and created a diagnostic tool you can use to replace sales calls which you can charge for. Some of our graduates are getting a conversion rate of over 80%. No more free discovery calls for you my friend.

I would call it your new accredited, certified online coach business in a box. But that really doesn't do it justice.

This is about giving you everything you need to take your own business to a whole new level of sustainable growth with a set of proven frameworks and tools, which you can then use with your clients to help them do the same. Nothing is left out.

Your confidence, your authority, your mastery will increase exponentially.

So here's a question for you.


If you would love to become a respected, referred, profitable online business coach with a set of proven frameworks that create powerful results for your clients, would you rather spend 2-3 years learning how to do this yourself, or would you rather shortcut that in just 6 months and...

Help your clients to strategically grow a profitable online business with every skill and framework you need to do that.

Create more revenue in your business even if right now you feel you've reached the ceiling of what's possible with your existing skillset.

Raise your credibility and authority in a saturated market, and become the go-to expert in your particular niche.


If the answer is yes, then it's time to commit to mastery and excellence, serve your clients better than ever before, and revolutionise your revenue as you create a business you love.




If the answer is yes, then it's time to commit to mastery and excellence, serve your clients better than ever before, and revolutionise your revenue as you create a business you love.

After working with hundreds of online business coaches, I've found that the top 1% who are able to create a sustainable, profitable business with powerful client results use a powerful framework.

This is because...

❶ They give the coach a repeatable process that can be used in a range of offers, from 1:1 to 1:many, making it easier to scale.

❷ It makes the client feel secure in their investment because there's a clear path to follow where they can easily see the start point, the outcome they desire and how to get there.

❸ It creates authority for the coach as they become known for the frameworks, creating powerful opportunities for them to standout in a crowded market.

But so many struggle to create a powerful framework because they simply don't have all the pieces of the puzzle. They doubt themselves, as misplaced imposter syndrome takes over. So they just give up.

This is why I created The Conscious Growth Framework® specifically for my Conscious Consultant Certification® students to use on their own business, and with their clients. 

But there's more. Inside the The Conscious Growth Framework® are FIVE sub-frameworks across the core business pillars. Nothing is left out.

You have every piece of every puzzle


Become a certified Online Business Consultant in just six months and get everything you need to create next level income, impact and influence for you and your clients.



There Are Four Powerful Phases Inside

Phase 1:


This is where you're introduced to the Conscious Growth Framework® and work through four of the five sub-frameworks, learning each element and practicing on your own business.

We work through The Online Exploration Experience®, The Game Plan Method®, The Evergreen Evolution Method® and The Ultimate Ops Method®.

Did I mention that your business get's a complete overhaul as part of the certification? Honestly, people pay the same price of the certification to do this work on their business alone, the fact that you get the chance to use it with your own clients is like the cherry on top of the cherry.

By the time you've applied our frameworks and methods to your own business, you'll have a clear idea of how you will apply them to your clients, and how you can merge these new skills with your existing ones, creating a powerful standout uniqueness in your niche.

Phase 2:


During our month long Immersive you dive into our Conscious Energy Clearing Method®, where we start by explaining the method, the science behind it and how it works.

You then have a trauma awareness class with our Trauma Awareness Coach to help you understand this important part of our work when working with clients and foundational coaching training with our coaching trainer.

You then partner up with a fellow student to practice the method on each other.

We have a live session together where I sit in on your session to supervise and finesse your technique, after which you continue to practice on your partner.

This month long immersive is super potent as it clears your own energy blocks and helps you to see things that you may not have seen before.

This is the phase where it all starts to come together and you can really see what your new business could become.

Warning: This bit comes with major downloads!

Phase 3:


This is the bit most people dread! But I've created a certification process that's as painless as possible.

There are six assessments to go through where I ask questions on each of the modules to check your knowledge and application of our frameworks.

What I'm looking for is to ensure you're fully equipped to take these methods out to the world and get phenominal results.

There is no pass or fail here, you will all pass. For those who may need a little more support, I will feedback where there are gaps and help you until you pass with flying colours.

The thing is, I remember my school exams and I hated them! We have none of that inside of my certification. You will be fully supported all the way. 

Phase 4:
Business Support


The exciting bit! Once you graduate, we dive into your new positioning and offers, getting you ready to take them out to the world and start making money right away.

You will have a diversity and inclusion Class with our Diversity and Inclusion Coach to ensure you're equipped to prioritise this in your work. Diversity and inclusion is interwoven throughout our curriculum but this final class will help to bring it all together for you. 

We open up our Consultant Assets, which is the 'business in a box' bit that tends to blow our student's minds.  EVERYTHING you need is inside, including:

⇨ Diagnostic tool (The Online Business Audit) that will replace free sales calls. 

⇨ Pre-designed packages that include strategy calls, 1:1 programs , group programs, VIP days and beyond.

⇨ Pricing Framework

⇨ Client Agreement Template

⇨ Marketing Templates

⇨ Content

⇨ And so much more...


Conscious Growth Framework®


Our framework and methods you learn and take away with you are below. You can use these as you wish in your business, even merging them with your own methods and frameworks. We're different to most certifications as we choose to be flexible rather than prescriptive in how you use our methods. This means each of our graduates are unique, adding their own genius and flavour to the methods.

The Online Exploration Experience® 


This method draws from my years in product innovation, where their research methods were drilled into me.

Research and validation is critical to every business, small and large and our method gives you step by step instructions on how to conduct the right research to validate and innovate with your clients.

The Game Plan Method® 


This method takes you through how to create a robust online business strategy and revenue model for you, and your clients.

This has always been my sweet spot and I've taken my experience of doing this for clients at the six, multi-six and seven figure stage of business, and created an easy to follow method that you can use.

The Evergreen Evolution Method® 


Most humans know me for evergreen stuff as I've been using it for years. Well now I've taken my famous Smart Marketing System and and broken it down into a framework you can make your own.

It covers both a marketing and sales system that can replace exhausting launches.

The Ultimate Ops Method® 


Operations is often a minefield for businesses, but not any more. I've created an easy to follow, supportive back-end method that will implement a foundational operations structure in your clients business.

It includes a few handy exercises you can use with your client to help them streamline and restructure.

The Conscious Energy Clearing Method® 


With Energy Clearing we work with the subtle energy bodies, chakras and meridians to rapidly release limiting beliefs, thoughts or fears that are stuck in the energy system, blocking growth, hopes and dreams. Most of the time we have no idea they're there.

These energetic blocks are the very things that can hold our clients back from the success they crave.

By clearing those limiting beliefs and blocks, we clear past memories, emotions, thoughts and experiences that are holding our clients back.

To do that, we use energy clearing and within the certification, we have a collection of energy clearing codes that you can use with your clients - and yourself -  to release limiting beliefs and blocks in the energy system that hold back growth.

The specific problems this helps with are:

  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Money Blocks
  • Self Sabotage
  • Visibility Issues
  • Lack of Self Belief or Trust
  • Confidence
  • Abundance Blocks
  • Over Working
  • Worrying What Others Think
  • Not Feeling Good Enough
  • Upper Limit Problems
  • And many more...

Wondering if the Energy Clearing Method is for you? Listen to the results graduate Emma Louise Parkes has had with it.


With each of these methods under your belt you have all you need to deliver the following for your clients:


  1. Comprehensive online research projects.
  2. Innovation through online insight.
  3. Vision and mission clarity.
  4. A powerful Brand House®.
  5. Aligned business models.
  6. Aligned offers.
  7. Aligned pricing for profit.
  8. Revenue maps.
  9. Aligned strategies.
  10. 90 day plans.
  11. Evergreen marketing systems.
  12. Evergreen sales systems.
  13. Content systems.
  14. Company dashboards.
  15. Finance sheets.
  16. Time audits.
  17. Team development.
  18. Deep exploration sessions.
  19. Energy clearing sessions.
  20. Embodiment practices.
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What it means to be  Conscious

The word 'conscious' is used in a variety of contexts and we often get people asking what it means to this certification.

So we thought it would be useful for you to understand our meaning and why it's important to us.

Because we want it to be important to you too, values alignment is a major factor in our selection process. 

At it's very core, being conscious means being aware of self, of others, of surroundings. 

It means being intentionally aware of your own behaviour, feelings and habits at all times.

It means being intentionally aware of how you're affecting others and coming from a place of self ownership and compassion.

When applied to Conscious Leadership, it means understanding at a deep level how you show up in the world and the impact that you have on all who are connected to you.

It means being acutely aware of, and deeply connected with, your identity and your mission. 

It means having courage, resilience, conviction and humility that, in turn, creates a powerful inner knowing and sense of self. 

It means being guided by your inner mentor because you know that inside are all the answers you need. 

It means being thought led not emotion led and being here for the good of all, not just for the good of self.

All of this is at the core of the certification, creating a ripple affect across the industry. If that resonates, then you are our people.


Access more information on our curriculum, calendar and call times here.


"I joined The Conscious Consultant Certification because I wanted structure and accountability and to be part of the change, making the online world a more ethical place. What it’s giving me on top of all that, is not just the tools and training so that I can take my business to the next level, but also the ultimate confidence to do it!"


"Since starting the Certification I’ve gained huge clarity on my big vision and now have the self belief that I’m going to achieve my dream.  I feel like I’ve woken up and am not just plodding through life and biz anymore. I have a purpose and a mission and am so thankful to Gemma. She has created something so special with this certification and I know joining her has been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and my business."


"Doing the CCC has been such an eye opening and thought provoking journey. It has allowed me the time and focus to look at my business with new eyes to see where I could take it and what I could achieve. The steps are methodical and the support from both Gemma and the other CCC'ers  invaluable. I feel my ideas and contributions matter and have started to get much clearer on how I can use my strengths to help others with their businesses going forward."


I listened to my intuition which drew me to this programme and it's been a brilliant experience which has enriched my existing leadership business as well as prepared me to launch my business mentoring offer. Gemma totally overdelivers and having her input on my business weekly has been invaluable. We have so many resources and templates we can use with clients - it's basically your whole business is a box with the guidance to tailor it to meet your purpose in the world. Energy clearing has also been a revelation.

 How It Works


Our curriculum is designed to support you at a high-level as you become qualified in online business strategy + energy clearing techniques. 

The next cohort starts on the 7th November

 Sign up early and make the most of our prepayment plan

 The certification runs over 6/7 months with built in time off.

 You need around 4 hours per week outside of our integration periods and breaks.

 All training is recorded, tracked and sits in our portal.

 You receive weekly accountability sessions with our Coaches. 

 You receive bi-weekly mentoring calls with Gemma.

 You receive mindset + energy clearing support for your own growth.

 You are trained to use all frameworks and methods within the Conscious Growth Framework®.

 You have a Facebook Group to connect with your fellow students.

 You get pre-designed programs ready to sell.

 You get all the templates and materials you need.

 You get a a diagnostic tool - our Online Business Audit.

 We'll support you as you create a new, upgraded, aligned business.

 You get regular self-care and integration periods.

 You receive your certificate and templates to promote your qualification.

 You get 150 CPD hours.

 You have lifetime access to the training, workbooks + templates with an annual license fee of only £100. The first year is included in the price, you'll then be placed on an annual subscription 1 year after you graduate.

 You're given the option of ongoing support to help build your business.

 You are added to our Consultant Directory (err hello leads).

If you think you'll be overwhelmed or not have the time after reading through that list, fear not friend. This has been co-designed by an experienced knowledge designer with built in breaks and integration periods. You will need around 4 hours a week to dedicate to it, but if you fall behind there is plenty of space to catch up ... plus we won't let that happen. You'll be supported every step of the way.

Your Team


Your training and coaching team will be with you every step of this incredible journey. We pride ourselves on creating a first class experience inside of the certification, giving you the training, guidance and support you need.

GEMMA WENT [she/her]
Founder + Lead Trainer

I lead the certification, supporting the students in the Facebook Group daily, on our bi-weekly Coaching Calls and in our one month Energy Clearing Immersive.

I also go through each assessment, making sure all students are at a suitable stage to graduate, and once they do I mentor and coach the graduates to prepare them to take their new gifts out to the world.

Accountability Coach

Kerrie has worked with me for years, after joining a mastermind while she still had a full time job. She knows my frameworks inside out and now uses them with her own clients as an Online Business and Marketing Mentor.

Kerrie was in the first cohort of the certification and is fantastic at supporting students as they navigate this journey, knowing first hand what that journey is like. 

PHIL WICKHAM [she/her]
Accountability Coach

Phil is an ex-corporate turned high performance coach,  helping ex-corporate and corporate women reach the success they crave.

After joining the first cohort, Phil has added online business support to her already impressive skillset and continues to support ex-corporates with this while also supporting our students, ensuring they have all they need to flourish.

ALI SMITH [she/her]
Trauma Awareness Coach

Ali Smith is a trauma informed coach, EMDR therapist, trainer and speaker who loves to educate, inspire and raise awareness on the subject of trauma, drawing from her lived experience of PTSD.

Ali teaches within our Energy Clearing Immersive, preparing our students for possible signs of trauma and what to do in those situations, but more importantly what not to do.


G SABINI-ROBERTS [they/them]
LGBTQ Trainer

G is nonbinary, queer and neurodiverse and has been an LGBTQ activist, organiser, facilitator, trainer & speaker since 1996.

In 2020 they co-founded The Queer Box after sharing their personal stories of being trans and queer resulted in being asked to teach others how to be more LGBTQ+ inclusive in their work. They have since worked with many organisations, including NHS, Hollyoaks, HS2 as well as numerous small business owners, coaches and consultants.

Diversity & Inclusion Practitioner

Ashanti is a leading diversity and inclusion practitioner, speaker and coach based in the UK known for her critical analysis of the sector and her evidence and research based approach.

She supports organisations to address issues around race, allyship and facilitating uncomfortable conversations with competence.

SARA KEDGE [she/her]
Neurodiverse Business Specialist

Sara's consultancy builds happy and effective business environments. Creating places that work for the people in them, which in turn helps achieve the company mission.

She enjoys shaping the minds of the next generation of business leaders, lecturing at Oxford Brookes University. On top of this she is massively Dyspraxic and ADHD. Oh, and she also keeps bees.

Success Coach & NLP/TLT Trainer

Suzanne is a Mindset & Success Coach and Certified NLP & Time Line Therapy™ Trainer, helping ambitious women in business breakthrough their limitations and fulfilling their true potential.

Suzanne teaches the Core Coaching Skills Module to provide you with a foundational Coaching Framework and toolkit

This certification is not just a fast-track to accelerated business growth. It’s also an accelerator to building legacy, honing your mastery and creating positive change in this world.

I’m Gemma Went, Conscious Business Mentor + Subconscious Transformation Coach to online entrepreneurs who know they were born to create incredible change in their own lives and the lives of others.

After growing a sustainable, profitable online business over the last nine years - and creating an interesting story as I did it, my chapter now is all about legacy.

Legacy for my kids, legacy for my clients, legacy for the wider online business community.

I'd love this to be part of your chapter, and your legacy, too 

I could tell you about the Entrepreneur awards I’ve won. Or I could tell you about the amazing team I've built around me. Or I could share more about the consistent growth I've achieved.

But I won’t. Because that would make it sound too easy.

And it wasn’t. Instead, what I’ll tell you is this:

Everything I've achieved has been done while navigating my own healing journey, fear of visibility, fear of success (yes really), burnout, adrenal fatigue, peri-menopause (deep joy) and many betrayals. This journey is messy as hell, but it's worth it and I'm here to share the highs and the lows - because real life and real business isn't all champagne launches and flashy photoshoots. Because this too is my legacy.


I've helped thousands of online business owners create success, I've spent thousands of hours mentoring and training and I've created millions for myself and my clients.


My collection of protected frameworks and systems perfected over the past nine years, using my 22+ years experience across corporates, brands, agencies and SMEs, have been at the core of my work.

By blending mindset techniques, Energy Editing, revenue planning, business strategy, marketing systems, sales systems and high-performance habits, I’ve created my professional, CPD Accredited, certification. 

Which I now share with you.

Hear From A Few Of Our  Students 


The thing is, there are very few online business coaches who have the full breadth of skills I believe they need to truly do a great job for their clients.

Some are great at marketing, some are great at operations, some are great at strategy, few are good all ALL five core business pillars:

Research + Validation
Strategy + Planning
Marketing + Sales
Operations + Systems
Mindset + Energy

This is why I've brought together all five pillars and packaged them up so that you can use them with your clients to get even better results than you are now.

But the big question is:


Is this right for YOU?


Alignment is a priority for us and we only accept people who we know this certification will create phenomenal results for.

You're a great fit if:

You already have a coaching, mentoring, consultancy or service based business and want to broaden your skill set, commit to mastery and serve at a higher, more transformative level. You could be at the earlier stages of your business, or more established, this will help you. It also doesn't matter if you're earning £2k per month or £20k per month, the skills you will learn will take your existing business to the next level.

You share our enthusiasm and desire for ethics, integrity, inclusion and diversity.

You're an action taker and take radical responsibility for your results. 

You know that simply by having this certification you won't immediately create a 6 or 7 figure business, because you know that success is a long game that relies on commitment and consistency.

But you recognise that, by having these deeper, broader skills you can serve at a deeper, broader level and that excites you.


Because at your core you care for others and want to create change in this world.


Still wondering if it's right for YOU?


Then let me help. I've broken down exactly how this certification can drastically improve results within specific niches, below. Click on your niche below to read more. If your niche isn't shown then reach out to us for a chat. 

Still wondering if it's right for YOU?


Take our handy assessment and find out for sure.



 Investment and ROI


The investment for this huge skills and revenue upgrade is £6000 and we have payment plans to make it more accessible for you.

Whether you choose to work one to one or one to many, my aim is for all students to at least 3x their investment within 12 months, but many will 10x that and most get their investment back in the first 2 months of qualifying.

Of course, that will depend on the revenue model you employ and in our final module together, I will be helping you to design and create your new programs, setting the pricing and creating marketing and sales systems to fill them.

Below I've shared typical offers and their price range to give you an idea of potential revenue:


Online Business Audit: £96+
Strategy Session: £500+
Energy Clearing Sessions: £500+
Strategy Day: £1.5k - £6k+
6 Month 1:1 Coaching: £3k - £18k+
6 Month Mastermind: £2k - £5k+
Group Program: £1k - £3k+


Aside from the more tangible results, our graduates have shared that the certification created a powerful confidence in their abilities, improved coaching skills, personal and business uplevels, clarity, understanding how they're unique, uncovering new niches to focus on, relationship improvements, deep healing from the energy work and lifelong friends they studied with.

You also get the opportunity to join my ongoing Conscious Consultant Collective® once you've graduated, where I will be on hand to support you as you support your new clients. I will also be providing my own leads into this group.

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"I'm so glad I joined. I instantly knew I was in the right place! There's so much noise and BS in the online space at the moment and Gemma has always stood out to me as someone who plays no part in this. She is the definition of someone who is authentic and runs their business from a place of integrity. This is why I was so drawn to the certification. I feel privileged to be part of such a gorgeous group of soul led entrepreneurs and to be learning directly from Gemma. I have learnt so much already and am really starting to see the bigger vision for my business."


"It's helped me to change my limiting beliefs. I knew they were there, I'd done other work to try to remove them, and hadn't got to the core. The energy work has helped me tremendously. On the business side, I now know I have the tools, and the capacity to coach my clients in the best possible way. I know I have access to the right systems and mindset work that will really support my clients. I also now appreciate that both can sit alongside one another so that I can support my clients to be their best self.

Honestly, it's a no brainer if you believe you are being led down a conscious path in business."


"I’ve been looking for a while for a framework I can apply to my client work - in my coaching business I always I knew I wanted to retain the ‘business’ element but was struggling to fit my existing brand strategy experience into something more coaching focused. I already work with several healing modalities, so the energy clearing and ‘conscious’ focus made it perfect. I've had so much clarity on the direction of my business and a excitement about my new packages. Inside, I've always felt valued and included, it’s a true transformational journey for your business."


"I've witnessed many shady things in the online business world over the last few years and I wanted to be part of a community that stands for integrity. Since joining, I've completely re-designed my working week, recruited a new crack team and handed over the ropes on all aspects of the business that aren't my zone of joy. My personal relationships have improved as I'm much more present and much less overwhelmed. And now I've got an unlimited amount of offers up my sleeve that the content is already created for, which I can simply tweak and put my own stamp on, and put out to my audience with complete confidence the methodology is going to work - without having to keep on reinventing the wheel! If you're thinking about joining, really just do it. It may feel like a leap but it's the best one you'll ever make. This is unlike any other program you'll undertake."

Let's Recap


When you join The Conscious Consultant Certification® you get access to the following:

  • Conscious Growth Framework® including:
    The Online Exploration Experience®
     The Game Plan Method®
     The Evergreen Evolution Method®
     The Ultimate Ops Method®
     The Conscious Energy Clearing Method®
  • Bi-weekly mentoring with Gemma
  • Weekly Guidance from our Coaches
  • Community Group for support
  • Energy Clearing One Month Immersive
  • Trauma Awareness Training
  • Foundation Coaching Training.
  • Diversity + Inclusion Training
  • Consultant Assets, including:
     Diagnostic tool
     Pre-created packages
     Pricing  Framework
     Legal Template
     Marketing Templates
     And so much more...
  • Business Positioning and Offer Creation
  • Consultant Directory 
  • Conscious Consultant Certification with CPD Accreditation Mark
  • 150 CPD Accreditation Hours
  • Lifetime Access to the Curriculum
  • Lifetime Access to Training Library

The value of all of that is worth so much more than the price of this certification, particularly when you consider the cost of a diagnostic tool if you were to build one yourself, coaching with me and taking your business through this process.  

As you've seen, return on investment can come straight after you've graduated. But for those who need to keep an eye on cashflow, we've created an accessible 6, 12 and 18 month prepayment plans with no extra cost. You can choose to pay this off at any time once you've graduated and revenue has increased. 


£6000 ex VAT


£1000 ex VAT/month


£500 ex VAT/month

But That's Not All


As if that lot up there isn't enough to propel your new business to new heights, I have something else up my sleeve.

Not only will you get my tried and tested frameworks to use in your business, I will also help you to create your own signature approach that will capture your unique genius and bespoke approach in all it's glory after you graduate. It will include all the things that make you YOU, plus we'll blend in The Conscious Growth Framework® to create a magnetic pull for your soul fit clients.

From this we will create:

❶ Your Signature Graphic
A graphic to bring your approach to life and share just how powerful it is.

❷ Your Authority Wheel
A handy tool that brings together all those unique authority elements that make you standout in a sea of same. 

❸ Your Beyond The Bio® Script
A tool you can use across social media to share your full story and make your people fall in love with you.

❹ Your Work With Me Page
A template page that brings it all together and shares your amazing offers [that we create together].

❺ Your Unique Power Post
A highly engaging, unique post that you can use on socials and email, full of ethical sales psychology, that you can use to promote and sell your new offer.

PLUS I'll help you to apply for a UK Trademark to protect your Signature Framework Name and new IP.

The Work With Me Page will be created either in Kajabi or Wordpress.


Let's Not Forget The Diagnostic Tool 


The Online Business Audit has become a firm favourite with our graduates as it means they can do away with sales or discovery calls and instead charge at least £96 for the audit, where they can then upsell their offers.

These are getting up to an 80% conversion rate and are changing  the game for our online business coaches.

Now Let's Add A Bit Of Risk Free Goodness


I get that investing in something like this feels like a big step, and I want to help alleviate your worries.

If you join us and after 30 days you realise that, actually, this isn't for you, I will release you from the contract and refund everything you've paid so far. No questions asked.

As I've said, alignment is my number one priority and if this isn't feeling good, I'd rather we didn't continue.

Apply Below 



Got A  Question?


Below are a few genuine questions we've been asked. If your question isn't here, please reach out using the yellow live chat button.
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