I see you, small business owner, doing all of the things, reading all of the advice, signing up to all of the freebies.

You skip from coach to coach desperate for the right advice to help you, but something's not right.  Something's not working.

You see all those 'others' online, waving their success around and it makes you shrink.
Because it's not the same for you and you've started to think it's your fault.
You feel lost and lonely as hell.

Your marketing is like a barren wasteland.
You don't have enough clients.
You're not making enough money.
The tech, the tools, the travesty of it all makes you want to jack it all in.

Because you have no idea what you need to do next.

Well, my friend, I can help.

The Consistency Club® is my brand, spanking new online membership where you will get the guidance, training, support and accountability you need to take that next step, and the next, and the next...

This affordable monthly membership will give you all you need to create consistent action in the following areas:


Our focus is on keeping you accountable and helping you to take fast action in your business, using my unique MSA Approach, which combines the mindset + strategy + action you need to become one of those waving their success around too.

You will be joining at the start of an exciting new network of entrepreneurs and small business owners with integrity at their core, ready to support you when you need it.

I'm a great believer in fostering supportive communities where you can network, find opportunities, collaborate and make new, life-long friends.


Here's the thing. I've been asked to create something like this for ages. Years, even.

But the time wasn't right. I wasn't sure what it needed to be.


This contract-free, affordable membership club will give you all you need to get that business of yours off the ground and earning a consistent income. 

It will hold you like a massive pair of safe hands, while you encounter the inevitable mindset meanders.

It will give you the guidance and training you need to help you move forwards.

It will hold you accountable, so when you do try to shrink and hide, you have nowhere to go.

It will be your safe haven in this crazy online world where bullying and shaming is never allowed.

It will become your online home.

So where can I join Gemma, for the love of all that is holy,


Hold-up there, my friend.
Sadly the doors aren't open just yet as we're still perfecting this little beauty. 

But if you want to pop your details into the waitlist below you'll be one of the first to hear about it and the fantastic founders fee and bonuses we have up our sleeves.


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