Then read on to find out how you can get your hands on my unique Consistent Growth Framework® and use it to catapult your results. 


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Things started off well for you, right?

Your business idea sprouted wings and took flight.

You made some sales and your revenue grew. Sure, you were busy - but that’s the price of being an entrepreneur (not always).

Then something happened. 

Your revenue plateaued. You got stuck at a level that’s causing increasing stress.

You’re worried about how you’re going to keep things going as you don’t have time to move to the next level, and your current revenue isn’t enough to allow you the space to work out a plan.

You're not alone my friend.

The thing is, we didn’t start these businesses to be chained to them, but so often that’s what happens.

What if I could show you a different way of working?

Everything changes when you create consistent recurring revenue...each and every month


I've worked with thousands of online business owners with the same backstory as you.

Business owners who have spent too much time, money and energy on strategies that aren’t aligned with their own values.

Here’s the truth. Nothing is going to change until you learn how to create a business model that's aligned with the things you love.

Don't want to launch? Don't.

Don't want to hustle? Don't.

Don't want to be on social? Don't.

You CAN create consistent revenue while focusing only on the strategies that feel really, really good for you.

Imagine that? 

Being released from the shackles of crappy strategies that will never work for you.

Being released from the feast and famine ferris wheel that drags your energy down.

When you consciously create consistent monthly revenue in a way that's aligned to your values and energy, everything changes. 

You create the assurance, validation, confidence and space you need to focus on the things you REALLY want to do in your business.

It's how I grew my business and how I help my clients to grow to six, multi-six and seven figures.

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How Jo 20x Her Revenue While Only Working Two Hours Per Day

Jo joined Consistency Club® with an income of £100 a month. In fact she worried if she’d be able to pay her bills, let alone afford the monthly membership cost.

But she knuckled down, took consistent action, followed the £2k monthly recurring revenue roadmap, and in 8 months hit £2k monthly recurring revenue with her new membership, Noodle’s Dog School for Humans.

Through her commitment and consistent action, Jo 20x her revenue in just 8 months, working 2 hours per day, and has set herself up for consistent growth with a scalable business model. 

But this isn’t just for those looking to secure £2k and £5k monthly recurring revenue. We have monthly recurring revenue roadmaps for those looking to create £10k and £20k recurring months.

Increase revenue and create the business of your dreams...without the stress and hustle


Your online business should be structured to create the consistent monthly revenue you need to grow and scale.

You do this by creating recurring, automated activities that free up your time.

This is a way of working that allows you to commit to taking the consistent action you need to grow to the next level, and the next, and the next.

Let’s be honest here for a moment. The online space is FULL of strategies. 

Do you need to do them all?


You need to find out what works for you, and then create systems and processes to keep doing it consistently. 

No need to sell your soul to the hustle devil.

No need to do 'visibility' things that make your skin crawl.

And absolutely no need to have to do it all alone.


This is all possible inside...

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The online business accelerator for legacy-led entrepreneurs who want to create consistent £5k, £10k and £20k months.


I've used my 22+ years of business growth experience and merged it with the best elements of my masterminds, programs and membership.

The result? This powerful online business growth container.

Inside we focus on creating consistent recurring revenue FIRST.

This takes the pressure off constantly hustling and launching, giving you the space to grow consistently and elevate your business in line with your vision and values. 

At the core of Consistency Club is my Consistent Growth Framework™ that focuses on three core areas:

❶ Focus + Alignment: Only focus on what's right for your business and align your strategy with that. Our handy Business Audit shows you how. 

❷ Monthly Recurring Revenue: Our method spans every core business pillar and reliably brings in revenue, month after month. Each benchmark you hit becomes the new foundation for your next level of growth.

❸ Consistent Action: Using the Consistency Cure® you will create powerful monthly sprints that create the consistency you might be missing.

Consistency Club® isn't a program where you're on somebody else's deadline. It's a consistent growth container that holds you and helps you every step of the way, while you integrate and implement on your own timeline.


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How Amandine pivoted her offline business to online and more than doubled her revenue.

Amandine joined Consistency Club® after working with me in my mastermind. Despite having to pivot her business due to Covid, her sales have doubled and her revenue has gone up by more than 2.5

After some challenging months, Amandine was able to go full-time in her business focusing on the niche she loves to serve (purpose-led womxn entrepreneurs) with her Bloom et Moi Bespoke Tea Blends which she matches with their brand values and personalities.

Amandine doubled her prices, attracted distribution in the US, implemented our evergreen marketing ecosystem with a focus on optimising her website for search - her traffic is growing on average 20% per month - and is scaling her membership, The Conscious Cannabis Club.

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"In a noisy noisy online world, Gemma is the real deal. If you're looking for solid business guidance and mindset mastery - you've found it! Very happy to be a member."

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"Since joining I've become more visible and consistent with my social media and can call on the group when I need it. It’s great value for money and Gemma keeps on giving."

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"The value you get is incredible. The community is very active and helpful. I would have dropped the ball so often if I didn't have the support."

What You Get Inside Consistency Club®

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The Consistent Growth Framework®

Three steps to a simple, sustainable, soul-led recurring business



Consistency Club is built on this powerful, unique framework with three core areas of focus:


❶ The Business + Mindset Audit

You start by auditing where you are now and uncovering where you need to change your focus. We want to help you see where you can save time and energy and get clear on what you need to strengthen your inner and outer game. This is the perfect way to start your growth journey with us.

You will finish this module feeling clear, possibly for the first time, about where you may have been going wrong and what you need to focus on next that's aligned with you and how you want to do business. That clarity and confidence is priceless and gives you a powerful foundation to build on.


❷ The Recurring Revenue Method™

The Recurring Revenue Method™ is a step by step framework that creates consistent revenue growth in your business.

Within the method we have four Monthly Recurring Revenue Roadmaps to choose from: £2K, £5K, £10K or £20K roadmaps. When you master one revenue level, move to the next. Each one is it's own powerful program, tailored to your phase of business. There is nothing like this in our industry.

The Roadmaps span the seven core business pillars you need for growth. Everything is laid out for you, you just follow the steps. Most programs, memberships and masterminds focus on just one core pillar. Not us, we include everything as we know that for a business to grow sustainably, you need each pillar working for you.

This is how I help you to move from £2K to £20K months, in a systematic and fully guided way. Imagine having everything you need to grow a simple, sustainable, soul-led business in one place, with no need to invest in any other programs?


❸ The Consistency Cure®  

To support you on your roadmap journey, we use our monthly sprints - The Consistency Cure®, and the unrivalled support, guidance and accountability structure.

Consistency isn't easy, no matter how many catchy memes are shared about it. Your inner rebel will avoid it, but with our Consistency Cure tools we will sooth her and help you to create that compound effect you need to move the needle in your business.

Imagine having automated, simple systems running those all important consistent activities to make your business run like clockwork, leaving you the time to do what you love most?




The Recurring Revenue Roadmaps' Seven Pillars


Creating recurring revenue is about much more than just revenue streams. When a business is set up for recurring revenue and consistent growth, each core business area needs to be aligned. Each core business area is included in our roadmaps. 

The Consistency Cure®


Consistent business growth is only possible when you stay focused and aligned. 

The secret is to make small, incremental changes to your daily habits. 

Sounds easy? Unfortunately not. In fact, changing our habits is deceptively hard. 

After all, they’re the very things we do when we’re not really paying attention. 

Contrary to what we’re often led to believe, changing habits doesn’t come down to willpower. It takes time, consistency and practice. 

That’s where accountability steps in. When you’re held accountable to someone else, you’re no longer operating on autopilot. 

This gives you the space to rewire your current habits into better and more powerful new habits.

The Consistency Cure® is an accountability framework that runs throughout the Club and Community. 

It’s how we help you to take consistent action, and support you to implement your vision as you work through your roadmaps.

At the heart of it is our 30 day sprint cycle.


Here’s what’s included:

Plus: Expert Coaches 


You’re supported every day by my handpicked team of  coaches.They're on hand in the Facebook group between Monday and Friday to answer your questions about their specialist areas: 

Plus: ‘The Study’ Training Library


Get instant access to my ‘Netflix of Business Training’. 

Full access to over 50 on-demand classes teaching you everything you need to know about strategy, revenue, mindset, marketing, content and sales.

The library includes video trainings and masterclasses, dozens of worksheets and templates - everything you need to implement as you’re learning.

Alongside my training and content, I’ve curated guest expert masterclasses. This is a truly world-class learning experience.


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"There is SO much really relevant information and support here, but because of the way it's organised it doesn't feel overwhelming. You can get exactly what you need exactly when you need it."

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"It's helped me increase my income to a realistic level, get my recurring income to a level that will support me, and enabled me to take my business seriously and implement the things I need to, to grow my business AND be happy in the process!"

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"I felt stuck. When I started my business, my income grew, and then plateaued. What I am learning in Consistency Club is helping me to break through the plateau and scale to the next level. Gemma is a genius!"

Choose Your Perfect Consistency Club® Journey

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The Consistency Club Experience


You get full access to:


The Business Audit.
My 5-step audit process to help you understand where you are in your business right now and what needs to change.


The Mindset Audit. 
Identify those blocks standing in the way of your growth and work with us on removing them.


Recurring Revenue Method™.
Choose between the £2K, £5K, £10K or £20K recurring revenue roadmaps. When you master one revenue level, move to the next.


The Consistency Cure
®. Our planning and accountability system that creates consistent high performance habits


Weekly Power Mentoring.
This creates the guidance and framework you need in order to stay focused on your growth and success. These sessions are hosted by me.


Facebook Group Mastermind.
Connect with your fellow club members, and get daily support. PLUS join a Campfire for added intimacy and accountability.


The ‘Study’ Training Library.
Full access to over 50 classes teaching you everything you need to know about strategy, revenue, mindset, marketing, content and sales.

If you worry about being overwhelmed, let's address that.

I've included a lot to support your growth on every level, but if you don't have the time for it all, pick those activities that work for you. In fact I make that even easier: 

 ❶ I've created time specific pathways so you know what to focus on with the time you have available.

❷ Every month I run a live mapping session to get your bespoke Consistency Club Pathway to help you achieve your goals over the coming few months. This is open to new and existing members alike.

I asked the current members what they loved most about being inside Consistency club. Some were able to keep it to one. Some not so much.

This is what Soniamarie had to say about her journey inside Consistency Club®.


Who is this for?

Our clients come from all walks of life and so do we. We work with great people from a wide variety of backgrounds, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes our company stronger and it will do the same for you. If you share our values and our enthusiasm for Inclusivity and Diversity, you will find a home inside Consistency Club

Consistency Club® is perfect for you if:

  • You're ready for consistent £5k, £10k or £20k months.
  • You would rather create an evergreen marketing and sales system than launch.
  • You know you need consistent habits, systems and action in your business.
  • You're ready to show up, do the work and commit to your growth.
  • You're ready for it to get a whole lot easier and a whole lot quicker.

You see, we welcome action takers and those who take radical responsibility for their results. People who realise that success is a long game that relies on commitment and consistency. People who care for others and who want to create change in this broken world. We value compassion, integrity and connection, and if you do the same we welcome you with open arms.

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How Sally overcame her visibility fears to launch a unique membership, double her revenue and step fully into her power.


Sally was on the fence about keeping her business going when she found me. At the time she was working as a web developer hiding from the online world as she was recovering from trauma and scared about stepping out and doing anything online that would draw attention.

After working with me in my Mastermind, Sally worked on her mindset and self-belief and learnt to trust that voice in her head that said she needed to step out of her shell and build on her idea of supporting online business owners with tech overwhelm. 

Joining Consistency Club® gave her the resources to take action. In her time inside The Club, she smashed her visibility goals, launched the only tech-focused online business membership - The Fearless Tech Lounge™️-  and started making video tutorials. Her services became more relevant and her prices doubled as she became fully booked.

As for her results, her revenue doubled, her membership site is thriving, she has a team to support her and she has finally stepped out and into Sally Wadhwa Tech Diva.

If you don't know me yet, I should probably introduce myself. 

I’m Gemma, Conscious Business Mentor + Subconscious Transformation Coach to online entrepreneurs who know they were born to create incredible change in their own lives and the lives of others. 

The results speak for themselves. My clients have achieved results like this: 

✮ Doubling, trebling and 10 times’ing monthly revenue.

✮ Vastly increasing monthly salaries with life changing affects.

✮ Creating and selling out new revenue streams.

✮ Buying dream homes.

✮ Creating breakthrough low-end and high-end offers.

✮ Streamlining by adding automated systems and team members.

✮ Replacing self doubt with a rock solid belief that they ‘can’.

✮ Winning coveted industry awards and prizes

✮ Reaching six, multi-six and seven figures in revenue.

And so much more.

As for my own results... 

I have 22+ years business and marketing experience, supporting  brands, corporates and small business owners, and I've thrived through two recessions - this isn't my first rodeo.

I’ve built two multi-six-figure businesses of my own — the first won an Entrepreneur of the Year award, and I created the second from a friend’s guest room while 7 months pregnant (but that's another story).

As a single mum, I grew that second business to multi-six figures fast, and recently won the Entrepreneur's Champion Award at the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

I’ve grown to a large virtual team and built entire business systems so the company runs like clockwork, which means I rarely work long hours, bring in consistent recurring revenue, and can take school holidays off to be a mum to my son.

All of this I've done while navigating my own trauma healing journey, fear of visibility, fear of success (yes really), burnout, adrenal fatigue and many betrayals. This journey is messy as hell, but it's worth it and I'm here to share the highs and the lows - because real life and real business isn't all champagne launches and flashy photoshoots.

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(VALUE £1000)
(VALUE £4000)
(VALUE £1000)
(VALUE £2000+)
(VALUE £2000)
TOTAL VALUE = £10,000


You get everything you need to create consistent revenue growth without working yourself to an early grave.

Yes you really do get all of that for just £146/$202 a month.

But what about the Return On Investment (ROI) Gemma?

I'm glad you asked.  In all of my work I'm committed to creating at least 3x ROI. In Consistency Club® you have the chance of creating so much more.

By investing £146 a month, and implementing our first Recurring Revenue Roadmap within our Recurring Revenue Method, you'll secure a minimum of £2k monthly recurring revenue. That's a powerful return on investment - even if it takes you six months. If you're ready to scale to £5k, £10k or £20k - your ROI will be even higher!

You might be wondering why the price is so low. Well, my mission with Consistency Club® is to make the right support accessible to online business owners during the recession. I want all of my clients to come out the other side with a thriving business and a smile on their face. So I don't tie you into a long contract and I even cover the vat.


But, the price will be going up with the next upgrade in 2021. For those that join now, you will lock in the current price for life.

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How Kate uncovered her perfect niche, designed a unique framework and moved from one to one, to one to many.


Kate joined Consistency Club® when the pandemic hit. She’d been working as a RTT Therapist on a 1:1 basis, but was yet to find her ideal client niche and needed a systematic approach to pulling it all together.  She quickly started to define the audience she felt most aligned with and positioned to serve: ‘Empaths and Sensitives’.  

Kate created a unique hypnotherapy and coaching mindset program to clear business energy and mindset blocks - Clear to Grow Your Business™ - which launched in 2020, with her unique framework Clear to Grow®.

Pivoting and aligning to Kate’s niche has seen her business grow in 2020 despite the challenges. She has now gone fully online with her hypnotherapy, coaching and energy work and has already started to attract a global audience with a customer base developing in Australia.

Kate now feels revitalised in her business and has clarity of purpose with a defined niche that matches her values and feels in alignment throughout her whole business. 

Since joining, Kate has more than doubled her 1:1 prices, launched an evergreen program, and is currently planning her first membership.

Hear from Susan

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"This is the most comprehensive, value packed container with trainings on everything! The massive bonus of having Gemma on a weekly mentoring call is just the icing on the cake and worth the fee alone!"

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"If you struggle to motivate yourself to get stuff done and find yourself getting to the end of another week and wondering where the time went then join the club! You need the goal setting, the accountability and the 1:1 advice from Gemma."

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"Consistency Club is a great place for you if you want to stay on track, get accountability, have access to Gemma and learn a lot. The Study is a great place full of resources for you you need, when you need it."




After two amazing years, Consistency Club is evolving into something even more powerful than it is now.  Elevate Collective is a 12 month high-value group coaching program with two goals: to get you to £10k or £20k recurring months, with an aligned business that doesn't burn you out.

On the 4th February Consistency Club will close it's doors and all current members will lock in their rate as they move to Elevate Collective with an incredible deal. Which means it's a GREAT time to join us.

>> Lock in the current rate before it goes away forever <<




£146/month inc VAT
£122/month ex VAT




Pimp your socials with our selection of stunning templates, created in Canva, to use again and again. There are at least 3 options for each profile PLUS 10 Insta Grid Templates.

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Hear from Amandine


Still not sure?

Then either hit the livechat button below or, if you prefer, let's have a chat on Instagram DM (my Instagram is @gemmawent). Start by clicking here