What if I told you that building the success you dream of is within reach?
That creating sustainable growth in your business is possible?
That you can do this without selling your soul to the sales devil?
That is doesn't take spammy tactics?
Would you jump on the chance?


Ready to take things to the next level?



We all have different dreams.
Different goals.
Different visions.

You might want to crack the six-figure ceiling and grow that business baby of yours so you can work less.

You might want to write a best-selling book and get a publishing deal that could blow your mind.

You might want to be paid to speak about your "why" and hit the speaker circuit with gusto.

You might want to buy the dream home and pay it off, so you and your family have financial freedom.

You might want to create huge impact and leave a legacy you can be proud of.

Whatever your dream, I want to help you create the business that will make it happen.

small business mastermind

If you're a service-based small business owner, who is already making money, but has stalled...

If the tactics you've been trying so far just aren't working anymore...

Then this, my darling, is for you.

You've tried all the tricks the Internet gurus are peddling...

You're spending hours creating content that only results in crickets...

You're scrolling social media feeling lost and alone, wondering how everyone else has it all worked out...

You're spending time on the time-wasters, but you have no idea what else you should be doing...

You keep Googling for answers, signing up for opt-ins, but nothing works...

Your doubts and fears are in overdrive and you feel like you're just not good enough to make it...

You wish there were an easier way to do this...

Well, there is.

Just imagine ...

A world where you have all the money stuff worked out.

A world where you have a fully systemised business and a team that steers the ship.

Only working a few days a week, or taking time off to travel when you want to.

Having the resources to really make an impact.

This is possible with the right mindset, strategy and action.

And THIS is what we focus on inside Elevate. 

small business mastermind

Now before you think this is some 'get rich quick', soulless money making scheme, back up there, sister.

That's not my jam.

I'm all about impact. All about transformations. All about bringing those business dreams to life.

But let's have some real talk.

What I teach will get results, but how soon is down to you and where you are now in your business. For some it takes a few months, others can take longer. 

But if you're ready to commit, even when it gets uncomfortable, then I will commit to sharing my tried and tested techniques that have smashed income goals for me and many of my clients.

It's this that creates the freedom and resources to bring those dreams of yours to life.

It's what allows you to create true impact.



Designed for people who do business with integrity, people who want to have an impact.

A mastermind with likeminded peers who will support and evolve with you.

A program that teaches you how to grow your business in a way that's right for you.

The focused marketing and sales you need to reach your income goal.

Structure that will keep you accountable and moving towards your goals.

Mindset shifts so big, you'll wonder how you ever survived before.

An all-access pass to my inner circle and the trade secrets I've used to create growth myself.

Elevate is about showing up and taking action.

Are you ready?

small business mastermind


The training covers:

How to create a 90 day action plan designed to implement your strategy. BUT we also do this live with me as part of your onboarding so that you start your Elevate experience on the right path.

How to create a business strategy

How to create a course, program or mastermind.

How to build a connected audience.

How to create sales funnels.

How to create and run a launch.

How to create and implement a marketing system.

How to create content that connects and converts.

Plus other essential business training you need in order to grow.

Elevate follows my unique M.S.A. ApproachTM, which merges three core principles for business success:

Mindset + Strategy + Action

Success mindset? Covered.
Business strategy? Covered.
Positioning & Messaging? Covered.
Income & Profit Planning? Covered.
Marketing? Covered.
Sales? Covered.
Implementation? Covered.

The frameworks in this approach are used throughout my work, and have created phenomenal results. 
Results like these:

Natasha had her highest income month ever and had a £35k launch just one month into Elevate with a brand new program in a brand new niche.
Dipti filled her brand new program just one month into Elevate.
Rachel sold out a brand new program and added an extra £5k to her income after a month.
Olivia 10x her client charge rate after gaining the courage to charge what she was worth.
Daire more than doubled her monthly revenue in 6 months and added 4 extra income streams.
Marie reached the final of a European Prize for social enterprise. 
Anna's business doubled year on year since working with me.
Marie tripled her rates and has been fully booked every week since the start of the year.
Glyniss is working with fewer clients and making five times more money.
Anne generated consistent revenue for the last quarter and launched a successful podcast.
Jen brought her fledgling new product idea to life within 4 months.
Hilde sold over £20k in one month alone and had her best month ever.
Sara had her highest monthly income within 3 months.
Kerri doubled her income in 2 months and was on page 1 of Google.
Noomi turned her consultancy offering into an online course.
Karen stepped through her visibility fears and launched her first product range. She now has an investor.

Gemma, you had me at 'sustainable growth', where do I apply?


Elevate is a mastermind with a difference

I've been running masterminds for three years, and this one exceeds anything I've done before.
It's a mastermind/program hybrid that has all of the important stuff covered.


There are separate mastermind groups within Elevate, handpicked by me to ensure the members are at the same level in business and have the skillset to add value to the group. I keep these at just the right size to ensure you get the benefits of a true mastermind.


Each Squad has a handpicked Elevate Coach, who is one of my alumni clients, knows my frameworks and has achieved success with me. These ladies have a specialist skillset you need and each compliments my business mentoring perfectly. The coaches will facilitate and support you in your Facebook Group daily.


Every 90 days, you get to choose your own adventure by selecting one of two income generating tracks. The Launch Track where you create and launch a package or service. The Marketing Track where you work on marketing, sales and funnels. Each track has a clear structure with proven frameworks. 

Monthly live calls
with me

There are two calls with me each month, one is an open questions call where anyone can get the support they need.

The other is a hot seat format, where I will coach and mentor around 4 members in one session. Plus, I run an open Q&A at the end for others to get support too.

All calls are held around 2/3pm UK time Tuesday to Thursday. If you can't make them, they're recorded for you.


Each month you get a mindset coaching session with our Elevate Coach,
Marie Houlden. 

Marie helps you to dig deep and identify any blocks, resistance or negative self beliefs that could be holding up your success.

She also runs a group EFT and energy session to help you clear whatever is in your way.


Each month we also have an audience building session with Stacey Harris.

Stacey looks at how you can build an audience fast on each social platform, through your list, Facebook Ads and elsewhere.

This is an essential activity and worthy of a separate class each month. 


Strategy Days

I will be running two virtual strategy across the year to focus in on the key areas you need extra support in, including focused planning, creative sessions, how to scale, selling with confidence, and more.


The first of its kind in 2019, Elevate Live will bring you together for some serious learning, evolving, strategising, implementing and a whole lot of fun and laughter thrown in for good measure. Go here for more on Elevate LiveElevate Members get a discounted ticket.

The Tracks

The 90 Day Tracks are the foundation of Elevate, so they deserve a little more space for you to understand what's involved.

Every 90 days you select which track to support your goals and create your 90 Day Plan using my system. Think of it as a 'chose your own adventure' for business.

small business mastermind

The Launch Track

You will learn  how to  create the right product/package for your people, how to price it, how to structure it and how to create it.

Then you will be taken through my launch framework that shows you how to create the right launch for YOU (remember, flow not hustle). The same launch framework that resulted in £216k in sales in my last launch.

If you have a product or package already and you don't need to create anything new, you can simply move straight into the launch framework.

small business mastermind

The Marketing Track

In this track, you'll be working on your Smart Marketing System, which will be your ongoing lead generation activity and your sales and marketing system. 

You will also learn how to create the right funnel to give your income the boost it needs.

There will be a range of funnels available for you to choose from, depending on what will work for your audience and offers.

small business mastermind

Once you've chosen your track, you can then create your 90 Day Plan to help you implement it all with ease.

At the end of the 90 days, I run a powerful review and reset, where you review performance in the previous quarter and set your plan for the next.

You can go through these tracks at your own pace. I'm anti-hustle and understand that people have different speeds. I'd rather you found your flow and worked through these at the speed that works for you. 

The 'Speedy McSpeed Faces' will be dashing through and sharing their findings as they go. The 'Methodical Flow Masters' will take their time, quietly working on things behind the scenes. Both will work, both are welcome.

You can go through them as many times as you need during our time together and you can select each module every time, or leave a few out once you know what you're doing.

It's a fully flexible, business-building system that works for YOU.

small business mastermind

Go At Your Own Pace

I'm all about showing up and doing the work, however I'm also anti-hustle. As someone who has suffered with burnout, it's not pretty and I want to ensure my masterminds and programs allow for space to process and implement in your own time. 

Because Elevate is a rolling mastermind, I've also allowed for downtime to ensure you factor in rest. We reduce support at the following times, where there are fewer or no calls or support from myself and the coaches (although you still have your squad in the Facebook Group for support if you need it):

Christmas (2 weeks)
Easter (1 week)
Summer (1 month)

Still not sure how it works?

No problem, this graphic illustrates how it all comes together.

Your Elevate Coaches

These ladies have been handpicked after working with me for some time. They have a deep understanding of my frameworks and bring specialist skills I know you need. Each Coach is assigned to a Squad based on the level and the members' specialist skill requirements. These guys will be running your Facebook Group and taking care of you day-to-day.

Daire Paddy

Content Strategist
& Visibility Coach

Daire is my content manager and awesome at helping people get over themselves and get out there. She works with many high profile entrepreneurs, and can turn anyone from victim to victor with a wave of her wordy wand. 

She's the best person to talk to during a launch because she has so many ideas. She's also the only person who can be trusted to organise people with a marvellous combination of fear, honesty and love.

Marie Houlden

EFT Practitioner, Energy Healer & Mindset Coach

For the last 9 years, Marie has worked with over 500 people, in thousands of sessions to help them regain emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. 

She helps you master your mindset, so that no matter what you’re up against, you have the inner strength and resilience to move past it. Banishing negativity, self doubt and self sabotage to help you reach your dreams and create a business and life that you love. 

Anna McLoughlin

Award-Winning Writer, Brand Strategist & Coach

Anna has helped hundreds of companies (micro, mid-sized + mega) articulate who they are and why they matter, including Facebook’s global #SheMeansBusiness brand.

She can’t stand to see brilliant people held back because their message is lost in translation. She's made it her life’s work to help others explain why their work matters and channel their brilliance in a way that brings their dreams to life, and now she could do it for you.


I'm Gemma Went

Award Winning Business & Mindset Mentor

(and deliverer of dreams)



In case you’ve never heard of me, here’s why I’m qualified to help you create the income, impact and influence you crave in your business.

I have over 18 years business building experience, working with everyone from one woman bands to global brands.

I've built two multi-six figure businesses of my own. The first I won an Entrepreneur of the Year Award for, and the second I created while I was 7 months pregnant and a single mum, which I grew to six figures within 2 years, and multi-six figures in 5 years (go here to read my case study on how I did it).

I've also won the Entrepreneur's Champion of the Year category at the 2018 NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards. Which is rather nice.

I've worked with over 500 small business owners and helped them go from struggling to nailing their goals, in as little as 6 months. This is the bit that really matters.

I have a team who have been with me for almost 3 years and run like clockwork, I don't work long hours and I manage to take school breaks off to be a mum to my 5 year old son, two teenage step-daughters and two crazy cocker spaniels.
small business mastermind

Not only am I a Business & Mindset Mentor, I'm a Digital Marketing Specialist. One of the core areas business owners struggle with and THE core area you need to be good at to create the revenue required to grow.

I'm a master manifestor - which has allowed me to easily co-create my ideal life. I'm also an intuitive with deep, empathic skills which help me to truly understand what's going on with you.

And you get to dive into that deep pool of knowledge, you lucky things. 

Let's Talk About Results

Listen, I'm not going to blow smoke up your ass just to get a sale. That isn't how I operate.  I'm clear who thrives inside of Elevate and I'm clear who doesn't. This is why I run an application process. If I offer you a spot, it means I think it's a good fit for what you need and I'm confident we'll get results.

Results inside are varied. Yes I have seen women double and triple their income within one month, but honestly, that's not the norm. 

Some people take longer to see big results like that and I need people inside who appreciate that and are prepared to put in the work, no matter how long it takes.

For example, if you have a small audience to start with, then we will need to spend time building that up and deepening the connection before we see an increase in income. 

This isn't a magic income generating silver bullet. This is a way to sustainably grow your business with proven frameworks over time. If you're in it for the longer-term, this is for you. If you want to make a quick buck, it isn't.

small business mastermind

Still with me?

Awesome, let's check if this is right for you.

I'll be honest, Elevate isn't for everyone.

I need to put together the right groups of women who I know will support each other as they evolve.

The right fit is imperative to the success of the group and I'll be looking to match mindset, business level, personality and values.

I will be committing to this 100%. Your success is my success and I WILL put the work in with you. But I need you to do the same. If you can't, it might not be your time.

I need you to SHOW UP! Even when it feels like you can't. You need to go 'all in' on this and commit. Because when you do, success will follow.

Elevate suits small business owners and entrepreneurs who crave structure and accountability. If you're a rule breaker who prefers to be guided by intuition, changing direction when you please, this may not work for you.

But if structure sounds good, and you're a service-based small business owner, coach, consultant, therapist, designer, freelancer or similar, who falls into one of the categories below, then this could be perfect for you.

Sadly, this isn't right for product businesses or MLM's right now.


small business mastermind

The three business levels we work with are below. BUT if you fall outside of these and you're unsure if Elevate is right for you, hit the live chat below and we can talk about whether it's a good fit for you or not and point you in the right direction if it's not.


You have a website, an offer that sells and are generating a revenue of around £2k per month.


You have a few offers and your monthly income is between £2k and £7k. You're aiming to reach 6 figures fast.


You have proven offers (or one signature offer), your monthly income is £8k+ and you're ready to grow.

This is what you get out of it:

More clarity, confidence and courage in you and your business,
so that you can step into those CEO shoes faster.

Structured, supported business growth,
which means that you can stop second guessing how you can do this yourself.

Carefully curated mastermind groups with likeminded peers, at your level of income and skill,
so you feel confident you're learning from, and growing with, the right people.

The M.S.A. Approach, which covers each essential element for business success, which means you have the important success drivers covered.

A focus on income and profit generation to ensure you smash your goals.

A structure that you can fit to YOUR needs. No shoe-horning into other peoples goals, which means that the work  you do is aligned with YOU.

A dedicated Mentor AND a Specialist Coach, who both have your back, which means you have the right support to guide you.

Marketing and Sales frameworks that will generate leads and convert them, to help you stop that feast and famine.

A success mindset that will become the foundation of your future personal, and business growth.

The right systems, tools and processes to make your business run like clockwork, without the juggling and without the guesswork. 

Training in all the essential business-building areas, which means no stone is left unturned.

Why choose this over other masterminds and programs?

You get access to a Business & Mindset Mentor with a side order of Digital Marketing expertise, an Elevate Coach and other experts I'll be bringing in to support you.

I've been lucky enough to work with some of the world's biggest brands, including Universal, BBC, National Geographic and Roche. I take that knowledge and apply it to YOUR business. 

I have integrity at my core (in fact, it's my leading business value) and deliver on my promises. In a world full of coaches that talk a great talk but don't walk the walk, this is HUGELY important. 

I have a psychology degree and perfectly merge this training with my business acumen to deliver mindset support that's tailored to YOUR needs.

I've been an expert trainer for over a decade, training for the Guardian, Channel 4 and many others. I bring this training to you, through my academy and pop-up trainings whenever you need them. 

small business mastermind

I've had people leave other, well-known, masterminds to join mine ... because they weren't getting the results they needed. They are now. 

This is a TRUE mastermind. Not hundreds of people put together in a faux mastermind group with people at all levels (those are NOT masterminds).

I take your investment in me VERY seriously. I know it's a big decision. I know how much you have riding on it. I will do EVERYTHING I can to help you get you the results you need. 

I'm extremely selective about who joins my masterminds and turn many people down. Having the right group is key to the success of these masterminds, which means you will be part of an exclusive group of complementary business owners that are perfect for you and your business.

We'll laugh, cry, celebrate, and push on through ... together! My previous mastermind groups are still great friends and will continue to support each other as they grow. THIS is hugely important to me, I put people together that will genuinely complement each other. This chemistry is key to a successful mastermind.

My WHY is to help people bring their business dreams to life. I want to do that for you.

Rachel shares her mastermind experience



There are two options: 6 months or 12 months. Some people prefer a shorter commitment, whereas others need the longer timeframe for deeper growth. Select the one that feels good to you.
We operate a rolling enrolment into Elevate every Quarter. But no matter what time it is you can still apply and go through the enrolment process, ready to join once the doors open at the end of the quarter, if you're accepted of course.


Including VAT


6 month mastermind

2 monthly mentoring calls with me

Facebook Group run and managed by your specialist Elevate Coach.

Monthly Mindset Session

Monthly Audience Building Session

Choose your own adventure tracks every 90 days

90 Day Review + Reset x4

Virtual event twice a year

Discounted ticket to Elevate Live



Including VAT. SAVE £1200!


12 month mastermind

2 monthly mentoring calls with me

Facebook Group run and managed by your specialist Elevate Coach.

Monthly Mindset Session

Monthly Audience Building Session

Choose your own adventure tracks every 90 days

90 Day Review + Reset x4

Virtual event twice a year

Discounted ticket to Elevate Live




Your answers may be below
If not, hit the chat box and we'll be happy to talk it through with you.

No. We're committing time, energy and resources to your business success and we expect you to commit the same to us. Which means once you're signed up, you need to stay for the duration and we don't offer refunds. Please ensure you are able to afford the monthly payment and are able to commit fully. 

We operate a rolling enrolment into Elevate every Quarter. But no matter what time it is you can still apply and go through the enrolment process, ready to join once the doors open at the end of the quarter, if you're accepted of course.

Of course. Email [email protected] to set up a call asap.

Absolutely. I will run a 90 day planning session to help you get up and running, and within that I will share how to use the program inside of Elevate so you're up to speed before you join.

We'll help you with that. In fact, if you're ever stuck, we'll help you gain clarity and reach the right conclusion for you.

At the end, you will be given the opportunity to join the next group, at the next level if you wish.

If you accelerate fast, you will be given the option of joining the next group up.

Between 10 and 20 in each group.  This is my sweet spot number and works very well for the various elements I have designed for Elevate.

No. The tracks are designed for you to go at YOUR pace. We are anti-hustle and pro-space and flow. There is no prize for first place. Because there is no first place.

Damn right you will! I've designed this so that you get access to me every month for LIVE support. I have you covered, my friend. But FYI I WON'T be in your Facebook Groups, these are purely managed by your Elevate Coach.

Yes you can. I'll make myself available to you guys for a one-off 1:1 session, which will be heavily discounted.

I am an expert at spotting these a mile off and can help you through them. Even though we have specific mindset training, I have included subtle mindset work throughout the whole structure, so you will always be working on it. We will help you work through any resistances, with love and care.

The Launch Track: will show you how to create the right products/packages for your target audience, how to price them and how to structure them. Then you will be taken through my own launch framework that will show you how to create the right launch for YOU (remember, flow not hustle).

The Marketing Track: will take you through the Smart Marketing System which will be your automatic background lead gen activity and your basic sales and marketing system. You will then be shown how to create the right funnel to give your income the boost it needs. There will be a range of funnels available for you to choose from, depending on what will work for your audience and offers.

You can go through these tracks as many times as you need during our 12 months together and you can go through each module, or leave a few out once you know what you're doing.

No. And if any coach does, RUN A FRICKIN' MILE!

Nobody can guarantee your results, because there's one big undefinable element that affects it...


I can guarantee to give you a structure that works, frameworks that slay, a group of peers to hold you up and a mentor and coach who have your back. 

But, lady, only you can do the work. And YOUR results are reliant on that.

You will be assigned to the coach who I KNOW will help you with your biggest struggles. 

Great question, buddy!

Right, so a lot of this is on you and I'm glad you've recognised that.

Remove yourself from any other programs or groups so you can focus on Elevate.

Create time in your schedule to work on this.

Declutter ahead of our start to create space. Your office, your home,  your laptop ... everything. 

Trust your intuition. If you've invested in this, it means it was RIGHT. No matter what fear turns up, know that you've made the right decision and I have your back. Always.

Yes, the price quoted is inclusive of tax and VAT.

If you're income level isn't quite at the level to join Elevate this time round, head over here to check out my DIY option, The Simply Smart Business Academy.

Absolutely YES! This is different to anything I've done before and it's designed to be repeated. You don't go through and they you're done. You can go through this as many times as you need, graduating to the next level as your business grows. I can see some people staying in Elevate for at least 3 years!

I'd guess a minimum of 4 hours learning and being inside your Squad Facebook Group. Everything else is implementation time, which can be as little or as much as you can spare. You really can go at your own pace, which is why this is spread out over a year.

There are no winners and it's not a race. So long as you learn and implement, you're all good.

All calls are held around 2/3pm UK time Tuesday to Thursday. If you can't make them, they're recorded and shared with you.

Ready to take it all the way to the top?


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