Is it time to step-up, show-up and create the business success you deserve?

Is it time to try something different?

Then it's time to Elevate. 

You're an online business owner with big dreams and a hunger to reach them.

You’ve achieved some success and you're making money (yay), but it's not enough, it's not consistent and you’ve hit a plateau (boo).

Because something is blocking you from the growth you crave.

You feel stuck, unsure, overwhelmed and seriously frustrated (am I right?).

You’re ready to breakthrough and breakout of the patterns that have held you back.

You're ready to do things differently in 2020.

How would it feel ... 

... to join a group of likeminded business owners and entrepreneurs that will bring an end to the loneliness and frustration you feel?

... to be part of a group with integrity at their core. A group that will provide your safe space online, to be every part of you without fear of ridicule, bullying or judgement?

... to have a clear roadmap to reach the success you crave, with no question marks, no what ifs, just a clear strategy aligned with you and the sustainable business you're creating?

... to attract your ideal paying clients with dialled in messaging, marketing and magic. 

... to create a consistent revenue that keeps the feast and famine cycle at bay and allows you the space to grow.

... to be so connected with your brand, your values and your mission that you finally start to feel like the leader you truly are and step out as a recognised expert in your niche.

... to have the systems in place to grow a connected audience of ideal paying customers, a marketing system to create leads on auto, a sales system to convert those leads with ease and a customer experience system to keep those customers happy and retained?

... to finally breakthrough whatever has been holding you back and step into the next decade as you mean to go on?

I'm guessing that would feel pretty good, right? Well all of that is possible inside of The Elevate Mastermind.

Elevate is a Business Growth Mastermind and we're inviting you to join us for 3 months to kick-start 2020 the right way.

You see inside of Elevate, my mission is to empower you to build rock solid belief in yourself, create consistent recurring revenue and grow a sustainable, scalable business.

My promise is to give you my strategies, systems, support and soul to help you do that.

Your promise is to show-up and do the work, no matter how uncomfortable it gets.






I’m Gemma Went, Award Winning Business Mentor + Growth Strategist and it’s my mission to help online business owners identify their growth gaps, create winning strategies and step into the leaders they deserve to be. My ethos is to lead with love and integrity, to create growth with soul and build world class companies. I'm not in this for the fast buck, and neither are my clients. My role is to create the ripple affects that will help to change this failing world, and I help my clients to do the same.

I've come from humble beginnings, I've overcome childhood trauma, bullying, adversity and life events that have created mindset issues so big you could see them from space. I've done the inner work, I know how to navigate resistance and sabotage in a way that supports you and your personal growth. All of this is built into how I show-up and serve.

With over 20 years business building experience, I've worked with everyone from one woman bands to global brands and I was on the Board of Directors at two agencies, learning every aspect of business growth.

I've built two multi-six figure businesses of my own. The first I won an Entrepreneur of the Year Award for, and the second I created while I was 7 months pregnant and a single mum, which I grew to six figures within 2 years, and multi-six figures in 4 years, and won the Entrepreneur's Champion of the Year category at the 2018 NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards. 

I've worked with 1000's of small business owners and helped them go from struggling to nailing their goals, in as little as 6 months.

You need three core elements to create success 

Mindset + Strategy + Action 

And this is infused into the Elevate Experience

Within 3 months you will have mindset shifts so big you’ll feel ready to take on the world, a rock solid business strategy that will get you to the next level of growth, and an aligned action plan to ensure you take the big bold steps you need to step into the greatness you deserve. 

This isn't just growth.

This is growth with soul. 

"What a journey Elevate has been. I have experienced massive shifts that I could only have dreamed of. I have been challenged, held by everyone in there when I didn’t believe, I’ve learned so much about business that I just didn’t know and given strategies for everything! My business and income is in a different place to a year ago. A total life and game changer!"

Dipti Solanki

"Having the support of Gemma and my fellow masterminders gave me the confidence and knowledge to quit my day job and launch my own business which is growing every month. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have Gemma and my Elevate buddies to turn to - I would be so much further behind!"

Kerrie Leather

"Gemma's Elevate Mastermind has been the biggest and the most rewarding investment - for both my business and myself. It's been honest, raw, challenging, and revelatory. It's transformational, once you choose to level up in this way there really is no stopping you."

Krystel Valaydon

"Having bonus training in things like mindset and selling has been great. I've loved having the guidance and support from someone who has done what I want to do and can help me move forwards. It's also been interesting to see all the other Elevate members step forward too."

Jenny Stevens

"Elevate has all you need to progress to the next level. It's more than a programme, it's a life changing experience. There's everything you need: frameworks, training, accountability, support, mentoring. Gemma is totally accessible, leading from the front with regular innovations, calls and check-ins."

Ellie Guest

"Elevate was the most I’d invested in a coach and I have zero regrets! It’s been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Not only has it impacted my business but it’s had a profound effect on me as an artist! I can ask anything I want 24/7 but most of all I’ve got a real business that I love and am growing daily."

Rayna Russell

"Gemma is a smart business woman with a tonne of integrity and a huge heart. She has the ability to cut through confusion and give you clear laser focus on what you need to grow. Her approach is truly holistic - personal development, self care, compassion are valued as much as audience numbers, financial success and goals."

Kirsty Wick

"I've been working with Gemma for 2 years and I just love this lady! Her ability to listen and know the best way forward for each of us is uncanny. She can give individual solutions to make it easy, knowing exactly what stage we are at and what has to be done, to make the most impact."

Glyniss Trinder

"Elevate far exceeded my expectations. My legacy business has shifted several gears in the right direction and there is no way I would have moved this fast on my own. Gemma's business acumen is the best I've come across in this industry but more importantly her genius is wisdom, integrity and sense of fun."

Salma Shah

The Elevate Experience


I've been running successful masterminds for over 3 years, I've also been in powerful masterminds myself and have learnt from the best. I know what works, and this is what drives the design of this experience.

Elevate is a true mastermind, with two curated groups of likeminded, forward thinking online business owners and entrepreneurs with complimentary skills that will create a bold, powerful masterMIND. These aren't groups purely led by me, that's not what a mastermind is. These groups are made up of people who support each other, grow together and step into the leaders they are meant to be. This is what creates powerful, independent, critical-thinking entrepreneurs.

Elevate is not a program, but there are systems you need to implement into your business to support your growth, and you can get your hands on these as part of the Elevate experience. Inside of the Elevate Academy are the Ten Essential Systems for Business Growth and you have lifetime membership, which means you can implement these as and when you need them, even after your Elevate experience ends. This is one of the many reasons Elevate is different to other masterminds and incubators as it ensures that you inject the right growth strategies into your business, without having to buy another course or program.

This is what you get

To read more about the structure and how it will benefit you, click on the stars.

1x Group 90 Day Planning Session run by Gemma

2x Group Mentoring Sessions per month with Gemma

Monday Group Motivation Session with Gemma

2x 15 minute 1:1 SOS calls
with Gemma

Facebook Mastermind
Group run by your Elevate Coach

Weekly + Monthly
Accountability Check-ins

Monthly Mindset Session
with Marie Houlden

Plus lifetime membership of The Elevate Academy

The Elevate Academy gives you the 10 essential systems to grow and scale

Here's the thing, we're not playing at this business thing. You want to create longevity, you want to create sustainability, you want to create the lifestyle you dream of. And you know that you need real business knowledge and real business systems to do that.

And I give you that, and more.

I've designed 10 essential systems that have created my business success, and helped my clients. And now, for the first time, I'm making all of them available.

But of course, I'm doing things differently. Most masterminds and programs give you access to the training element for the duration of the program or mastermind. But I've discovered that people learn at different speeds, and we cannot rush that. So giving access to my TEN amazing business growth systems just for 6 months felt wrong. Which is why I've given LIFETIME access with all future updates, so long as you complete your 6 months inside of Elevate. I know, I spoil you.

These are the systems you get your hands on, to implement when you're ready:


The Mindset Shift System
Activate this powerful system each time you feel those mind monkeys are taking over. 
The Strategy + Planning System
My 4 Step Strategy System helps you to create an aligned strategy for your business. While my 90 Day Planning System shows you how to get more done in 3 months than you do in 1 year.
The Evergreen Marketing System
This powerful marketing system shows you how to create relevant leads on automatic, in each of the core marketing areas - without relying solely on one source.
The Sales System
Shows you how to convert those leads that you've created with your Marketing System.
The Customer Experience System
Create a powerful customer experience system that keeps your customers happy, your word of mouth positive and increases your customer lifetime value. Nobody is teaching this.
The Finance System
Create a powerful financial system that has you step into your CEO shoes and run your business in a way that's both supported and guided by your numbers. We include all the necessary spreadsheets you need to up your finance game.
The Leverage System
Ready to move away from 1:1 and create  group programs, memberships, masterminds and passive income? The leverage system will show you exactly how to do it.
The Launch System
Follow my step by step guide to launching your product or service without losing your mind.
The Outsource System
Ready to build your team? I'll share my tried and tested methods for building a team that will support you in the right way.
The Automation System
Every tool, hack, and automated system you need to have your business running like clockwork.


You also get access to previous expert masterclasses in The Elevate Academy, including:


ETF and Mindset Sessions from Marie Houlden
Audience Building Sessions with Stacey Harris.
The Income Booster Training with Gemma Went
How To Better Manage Your Money with Amber Dugger
How To Create A Successful Launch Challenge with Laura Phillips
Sales Training with Jade Jemma
How To Deal With Sales Objections with Kendrick Shope
Money Mindset + Wealth with Dominique Mullally
LinkedIn Masterclass with Helen Pritchard
Money Mindset Masterclass with Harriette Hales
How To Sell with Funnels with Katrina Young


Your Elevate Coaches

Although you do work very closely with me throughout the Elevate Experience and I run all of your live mentoring sessions, your Facebook Group is run by an Elevate Coach. These ladies have been handpicked after working with me for some time. They have a deep understanding of my frameworks and bring specialist skills I know you need. Each member is assigned to an Elevate Mastermind Group based on the members' specialist skill requirements. These guys will be running your Facebook Group, taking care of you day-to-day and sharing their specialist skillset with you (which are far better than mine in these essential areas!).

Daire Paddy

Content Strategist 
& Visibility Coach

Daire is awesome at helping people get over themselves and get out there. She works with many high profile entrepreneurs, and can turn anyone from victim to victor with a wave of her wordy wand. 

She's the best person to talk to during a launch because she has so many ideas. She's also the only person who can be trusted to organise people with a marvellous combination of fear, honesty and love.

You get daily support from a visibility visionary, a content supremo and productivity ninja. I mean, come on, what's not to like!?

Marie Houlden

EFT Practitioner, Energy Healer
& Mindset Coach

For the last 9 years, Marie has worked with over 500 people, in thousands of sessions to help them regain emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. 

She helps you master your mindset, so that no matter what you’re up against, you have the inner strength and resilience to move past it. Banishing negativity, self doubt and self sabotage to help you reach your dreams and create a business and life that you love. 

When those mindset monkeys start jumping, you get essential daily support from a mindset maestro who will help you heal and work through it.


Results from previous members

Dipti filled her brand new program just one month into Elevate, has drastically increased her monthly revenue and created leverage with a group program.

Monique streamlined her business by adding automated systems and processes to free up more time and is now creating a new offering to take her business fully online and allow her to scale with passive income.

Kerrie grew her new business to six figures within a year and was able to leave her full time job just a few months into Elevate.

Marie reached the final of a European Prize for social enterprise and launched a new book and products.

Glyniss is working with fewer clients, is making five times more revenue and is scaling her business with group programs.

Rhiannon found her purpose and grew her business with offline retreats that fill her soul with joy.

Natasha had her highest income month ever, had a £35k launch just one month into Elevate with a brand new program in a brand new niche, and has now grown her business to multi-six figures.

Tina is scaling her business with passive income after only having 1:1 offers for years.

Violet signed up enough clients to make her investment back within months

Salma nailed down her legacy business and got super clear on her products, audience and messaging.

Case Studies From Elevate Members

Click each name to view

Salma is the founder of Salma Shah.

What problems were you dealing with before you started working with Gemma inside of Elevate?

I had a great offline business but wanted to step-up and start building my legacy business.To do this I needed to figure out the internet marketing side. However, felt overwhelmed and confused with all the noise. I also wanted to be part of a community that shared my values and how I like to do business.  

Why did you choose Gemma?

I believe who I choose to work and be associated with will impact my business too and says something about me. Therefore my key criteria were her values and what she stands for. Like me she also has a Psychology degree so I knew we would connect from several perspectives. She is also a great business role model too.

Why did you choose the Elevate Mastermind?

I wanted to be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs so the community.

How long have you been in the Elevate Mastermind?

Since October 2018

What were your goals since joining Elevate?

I really wanted to nail my legacy business and get clarity on products, audience and messaging.

Which goals have you reached and how did you reach them?

I achieved all these goals. The Elevate community and coaches are incredibly supportive.

What unplanned goals have you reached and how did you reach them?

At last I feel I am truly stepping up and playing big in my business. 

Have you had any unexpected results since joining?

My business vision is far greater and feels real. I now have all the ingredients to make this happen.

What has contributed to your results?  Which strategies have you used?

It’s about not getting emotionally attached to my marketing system and being consistent, focused and objective about campaigns.

What do you love the most about being in Elevate?

Genius Gemma and her community she draws to her

Would you recommend Elevate to anyone else and why?

Yes I would. Being in Elevate will give you structure, a practical and emotional system. Your business and revenue will grow at a much faster pace.  

Elevate far exceeded my expectations. My legacy business has shifted several gears in the right direction and there is no way I would have moved this fast on my own. Gemma's business acumen is the best I've come across in this industry but more importantly her genius is wisdom, integrity and sense of fun.

Violet is the founder of the NetWorth Academy

What problems were you dealing with before you started working with Gemma?

I was lost and was at cross roads about what to do in my business

Why did you choose Gemma?
Her integrity and through working with her, I love her even more as she bears it all.

Why did you choose the Elevate Mastermind?

I felt it was time for me to join a mastermind 

How long have you been in the Elevate Mastermind

8 months

What were your goals since joining Elevate?

To start earning £10K a month

Which goals have you reached and how did you reach them?

I love who I have become and although I am not yet making £10K a month, I know I will...soon

What unplanned goals have you reached and how did you reach them?

Defining my niche and actually loving it… you can't quantify this

What has contributed to your results? Which strategies have you used?
I think it is the constant reminder to work ON the business, being able to see fellow Masterminders progress. Focusing on LinkedIn and building my own asset (website). The Smart Marketing system has been very useful

What do you love the most about being in Elevate?

Oh My God! Elevate has been a total game changer for my business. When I joined I was at a turning point in my business having been on the brink of shutting it down. My confidence has sky-rocketed. I now only work with clients that I love and I am able to say no without feeling bad. I have put my prices up and even if I know they are not close to what I should be charging, it is still a massive step for me. When I joined the Mastermind I didn't know how I was going to pay for it and I have now signed up enough clients to make my investment back

Would you recommend Elevate to anyone else and why?

Yes....every business owner needs a mastermind especially one where the main coach is available

Rebecca is the founder of Rebecca Hawkes Confidence Coach 

What problems were you dealing with before you started working with Gemma inside of Elevate?

I didn't really know what I was doing or where I was going. I was trying to do all the things without a main focus which left me feeling overwhelmed and confused.  

Why did you choose Gemma?

I followed Gemma for two years, signing up to her freebies, purchasing her lower cost products, engaging in her free group and bingeing on her emails/blog posts/podcast and always felt like the advice she gave made sense. I liked that she talked about a mixture of mindset and strategy and wasn't focused on just one or the other. 

Why did you choose the Elevate Mastermind?

I was in a really tough financial situation and ready to throw in the towel and go back to a 9 to 5. I put out a post in Simply Smart Business and Gemma reached out to me personally to offer something that would help. A month later, after learning, implementing and doing everything she told me to during a month long programme, I made my first sale in 4 months.

If I could achieve that in 4 weeks, there was no limit to what I could achieve in Elevate.

How long have you been in the Elevate Mastermind?

Since January 2019.

What were your goals since joining Elevate?

  • Make consistent income
  • Increase my confidence & self belief in my business
  • Structure my business in a simple, organised way
  • Stop playing small
  • Feel like I know what I'm doing

Which goals have you reached and how did you reach them?

My confidence in myself and my business has sky-rocketed as well as the belief in myself and what I'm capable of. I know for a long time, I've held myself back due to fear and self doubt but with the help of Elevate, I've been able to work on this.

My business feels very structured and although it's not always organised, I have a clear path to follow, I have processes in place, my customer journeys mapped out and I feel confident in managing all the things behind the scenes.

I'm no longer playing or dreaming small. If I can dream it, I can make it happen and I'm no longer afraid of failure because I know there'll be a lesson in the fail.

For the most part, I know what I'm doing on a daily basis! I know that as long as I do one thing to move myself forward, I'm on the path to success.

What unplanned goals have you reached and how did you reach them?

I've actually learned to trust my intuition more. Having the permission to be a bit more 'woo' and spiritual means I've started to connect more with myself. Making decisions based on gut instinct, taking inspired action and following what my heart says is working out very well for me. I like the fact Gemma encourages us to be more spiritual if we want to but doesn't push it for the non-woo people.

Have you had any unexpected results since joining?

Completely restructuring my business wasn't on the cards at all! Neither was starting a YouTube channel and getting rid of my Facebook group. Not sure whether these would be classed as unexpected but they're the result of being encouraged to follow what makes us happy and not what everyone else is doing.

What has contributed to your results?  Which strategies have you used?

The Marketing Track is a game changer. Being able to market on autopilot without dedicating all the hours to it means I'm able to grow my audience without stress.

I love how you can choose aspects of each track or training and really make it your own. Using suggestions from The Launch Track in terms of content to share as a part of The Marketing Track means I'm sharing valuable content my audience can connect with.

The guest experts we have are also incredible. Amber Dugger, Dominique Mullally and Harriette Hale made me feel incredibly empowered when it comes to money and taught me some really valuable lessons.

What do you love the most about being in Elevate?

The community, the support from Gemma, the regular mindset workshops with Marie Houlden - I love everything about it!

We have such a solid team who support, empower and inspire each other on a daily basis. Our group have become such a close knit bunch and it's lovely to always have someone on your side cheering you on or there when you feel like you want to quit.

Would you recommend Elevate to anyone else and why?

100% - Being an entrepreneur can be incredibly lonely and it's often hard to know where to turn when you need help. Having someone with so much experience support you, offer you advice and help you see things from a different perspective is priceless. Being a part of something so supportive and so empowering motivates me every day. Elevate is a real community of people who want nothing more than to see you succeed.

Kirsty is the founder of Kirsty Wick Hynotherapy

What problems were you dealing with before you started working with Gemma inside of Elevate?

Overwhelmed and unable to find a way to scale my business that didn't involve me burning out.

Why did you choose Gemma?

I'd love to tell you it was after careful research and much consideration but honestly it was intuition. I listened to her and I liked what she was saying, I liked her energy. I wanted a coach who could give me strategies, structure and a plan

Why did you choose the Elevate Mastermind?

I joined Gemma’s Business Success Bootcamp and learnt loads including realising how much I still needed to do. Before BSB I was clueless! I had lots of clients but I didn't have any of the things you need to scale and grow a business. Having worked with Gemma in BSB joining Elevate was a no brainer.

How long have you been in the Elevate Mastermind?

10 months

What were your goals since joining Elevate?

Content - consistent, high value content that converts and establishes me as an expert. Putting structures in place so I can scale.

Which goals have you reached and how did you reach them?

Content is consistent and converting thanks to Gemma's marketing system and Daire’s content fairy dust.

What unplanned goals have you reached and how did you reach them?

Getting really clear on my mission and feeling confident to follow that through. Dropping stuff that wasn't aligned with my business goals but still increasing my monthly income.

Have you had any unexpected results since joining?

Confidence and belief that I will achieve my long term goals

What has contributed to your results?  Which strategies have you used?

90 Day Plan

Smart Marketing System

The Mothership and Income Planner

What do you love the most about being in Elevate?

Daire and all my fellow Elevators. It's an amazing community to be part of.

Would you recommend Elevate to anyone else and why?

Yes! If you're ready to work, you're committed to your business and are serious about being successful then join. Why - strategies, support, inspiration and hanging out with amazing women.

Glyniss is the Founder of Glyniss Trinder.

What problems were you dealing with before you started working with Gemma inside of Elevate.

I was in business for two years but lacking consistent income. I had very limited knowledge and no strategy. I was working one to one with clients on a session by session basis and my income was patchy, not even feast or famine! I was stuck with how to grow my tribe and got clients mostly from referrals but I felt I had no control in my growth.

Why did you choose Gemma?

Gemma started out as a client of mine for RTT and I knew, liked and trusted in her integrity. I'd been following her progress after her success with working with me on her visibility fears, and watching her grow her own business with ease. I watched a masterclass she gave in her group on tripwires and was blown away by the simplicity and knew I needed some of that.

Why did you choose the Elevate Mastermind?

After working with Gemma, I knew first hand that her talk of integrity was genuine. I completely trusted her and knew that I needed her strategy. It was a no brainer for me. I was gutted because I thought I'd missed the deadline for the Flourish Mastermind but couldn't believe my luck when she opened it up for a couple of new people and I hopped in. It was then an easy decision to continue with the Elevate Mastermind.

How long have you been in the Elevate Mastermind?

I've been in Elevate Mastermind for 8 months

What were your goals since joining Elevate?

To grow my income, and to leverage my time by starting a group program

Which goals have you reached and how did you reach them?

Both. I've more than doubled my income from last year in this first 6 months. I've actually started two group programs and am so in love with working at this new level of serving more women with the time I have. And I'm also blown away at the results my clients are getting and how I am able to serve them so easily which I can only thank Gemma for, from watching her in the masterminds she runs.

What unplanned goals have you reached and how did you reach them?

Starting a second group program while I was still in the middle of my first one, because I realised it was so easy! This is something I'd been thinking of and procrastinating on for a couple of years, but I love it so much, I felt it was easy to start a second before the first was done.

Have you had any unexpected results since joining?

I did my first webinar and converted 50% of the people on the live call, selling most of my places during the webinar. In fact, that webinar attracted 3 new high end clients who upgraded to 121 packages.

What has contributed to your results?  Which strategies have you used?

I think mostly from watching Gemma in action. The help that I got from Gemma with my message and how I serve my people, what makes me different, helped me attract the right people. I had bought a very overwhelming sales program from someone else which completely confused me but Gemma's launch strategy brought me so much more ease.

What do you love the most about being in Elevate?

I love that Gemma has attracted some absolutely lovely empathic and super smart ladies in her mastermind. We've all hit it off really well and the support in there is phenomenal.

Would you recommend Elevate to anyone else and why?

Absolutely because Gemma is everything she stands for. Her mix of mindset, smart strategic brain, integrity and her humour are pure gold. I've learned so much from her, and she's always improving and learning more to pass on to us.

Tina is the founder of Tina Cleary Photography

What problems were you dealing with before you started working with Gemma inside of Elevate?

Lack of belief, health problems, I was leaving one of my businesses and struggling with what to do with my websites.

Why did you choose Gemma?

Gemma is an amazing and caring coach.

I had wanted to work with Gemma for over a year and had completed some of her shorter courses before committing to the elevate mastermind. I had also been a member of her group, Simply Smart Business, for a couple of years.

Why did you choose the Elevate Mastermind?

I wanted to join the last mastermind but could not afford it so had to join this one. HAD TO.

How long have you been in the Elevate Mastermind?

9 months

What were your goals since joining Elevate?

To build consistent income - Gemma has really helped me identify this and came up with great advice.

Which goals have you reached and how did you reach them?

On my third month in the mastermind my monthly income tripled.

As well as all the help received on marketing myself, growing my business, mindset shifts and doing business in a way that I love - I have also achieved the following by being in the most supportive mastermind:

I no longer fear being visible

I have belief

My health has improved

I now outsource more work so I can focus on photographing people

I have met some really inspiring ladies within my mastermind and I believe these ladies will be life long friends

I have learned how to protect my energy

I now know I am worth it and believe in myself much more

What unplanned goals have you reached and how did you reach them?

Health is much better - giving up caffeine, chocolate and much more as I become a healthier person thanks to the support in my group.    

Have you had any unexpected results since joining?

Thanks to Elevate Live I will now have a passive income by making money doing something I love anyway - taking photos of everything for my new stock photo library

What has contributed to your results?  Which strategies have you used?

The weekly lives, how Elevate is designed, everything about the mastermind makes succeeding the only answer.

What do you love the most about being in Elevate?

The support, the love, the energy, being part of it, the coaches, Gemma, Marie, the lives, the training, I can go on and on

Would you recommend Elevate to anyone else and why?

I love everything about it and would recommend Gemma to a friend or loved one. I have spent the day with Gemma when I photographed her and she really is that same kind, funny, passionate lady that you see on her lives.

Gemma knows her stuff and she is a professional at business match making. 

Katja is the founder of Bright Idea

What problems were you dealing with before you started working with Gemma inside of Elevate?   

Overwhelm, limiting beliefs and a lack of strategy. I was on the verge of officially merging my copywriting business, Bright Idea, with my Designer & WordPress Crack of a hubby. The relaunch of what had been "my" website for 3 years into our joint branding and communication agency was a cripplingly slow process. We needed to get out of our own way, fast - and we needed ideas for growth and scaling, as our 1:1 project work was at capacity and we were still overgiving and undercharging. Last but not least, I parallelly needed to transition my personal brand away from JUST writing towards mentoring and teaching mindfulness and confidence, revolving around a free-spirited, DIY punk rock approach to spirituality and feminism (I'm also a highly trained yoga teacher). As I run both websites in German and English, I lacked focus and was in need of exchange and structure.

Why did you choose Gemma?

Most importantly: for her integrity. Faced with a gazillion online biz mentors out there, when trying to choose my very first mastermind, I was overwhelmed - and very picky. After observing her for a year or two, I finally went (!) with Gemma because I had heard she had a special gift of assembling a really high calibre of brilliant ladies in her masterminds. I wasn't disappointed - I have high standards for who I work with, and both her and my fellow masterminders have that certain rare combination of brains, balls and heart (not to mention the belly laughs and love of swearing)! Plus, Gemma is truly is kind-hearted, woo in a down-to-earth way, a fellow mother - AND she puts self-care up there with her proven strategy, mindset and marketing input. This is super important to me as an HSP who can give a lot but also needs to retreat to refuel frequently.

Why did you choose the Elevate Mastermind?

I wanted a program that lasted long enough, so for me, the 12 months were perfect. I know from experience that anything less is problematic in terms of actual implementation, next to all the daily tasks in my two businesses as well as in my family. Also, the small group size works well for me and, especially after Elevate Live, which was simply mind-blowing, we have become a really close-knit gang with even some actual friendships forming, which isn't to be taken for granted in the (online) biz world. Last but not least, again, I'd have to say the focus on both mindset and self-care, the anti-hustle vibe and the regular contact time with both Gemma and our group have made this a no-brainer for me.

How long have you been in the Elevate Mastermind?

I am proud to say I'm one of the founders who jumped in in October 2018.

What were your goals since joining Elevate?

The relaunch of both my businesses, the creation and launch of a first scalable online group program for our branding agency, a mindset shift towards REALLY believing it's all possible, reduction of overwhelm and gaining more clarity, focus and structure.

Which goals have you reached and how did you reach them?

I've reached all of them, actually. I may not move as fast as some other ladies inside of Elevate - but I have felt quantum leaps and bounds both in my mindset. I am now fairly relaxed around situations that would have made me severely anxious in the past; i.e. feast-or-famine cycles - and also in my sense of being on top of things strategy-wise. I feel I know what needs to be done next a lot more often, and I'm beginning to juggle both my business personas and my family life a lot more calmly. Oh, and we're launching our first online group program, DIY Kickstart. How? Through accountability within the group, or: JEDI. Just effin' do it! Germanic efficiency is catching up with me at last - in my beloved mastermind filled (mostly) with Brits. ;-)

What unplanned goals have you reached and how did you reach them?

I had my first five-figure month. This is still with 1:1 work, mind you! I'm super confident this will become a regular occurence next year, once we're running our group program on DIYing your website regularly. How did we do it? By finally relaunching our agency website - and OMG, is it SHIT HOT! - packaging our products, and raising our prices (we're still very good value for what we offer though).

Have you had any unexpected results since joining?

This is hard to describe as it's not really tangible...I guess I feel like part of a movement, a family even, with unconditional support and mutual lifty-uppi-ness. :-) This is especially nice as I'm a German copywriter; yet, I've never felt excluded or like I don't belong. Plus, there's the added bonus - which may sound paradoxical to that at first - of feeling in my bones that I am ready, for the first time, to step up ALONE (besides the work I do jointly with my husband, or in my band): I am enough. I'm ready to lead, and it's my time. I will no longer hide my PhD and other qualifications, abilities and titles for fear of no longer being liked. I have (been) truly elevated.   

What has contributed to your results?  Which strategies have you used?

Being confident and knowing my, and our, worth at last. Don't get me wrong, this is hard work and a long, ongoing process with the odd, natural set-back, but I believe that once you have had that ONE decisive mindset shift - away from negativity, old patterns around what you do or don't deserve etc. - there really is no way back. The strategies I use to keep on the right track are simply the ones I teach and work with for my clients: yogic mindfulness, breath work, tons of reading and writing, and the occasional bout of very loud rock music (both on stage and on the dance floor).

What do you love the most about being in Elevate?

In short, I guess, the inspiration and support from the ladies in our team, our wonderful coach Anna and, of course, Gemma. It's just the right mix of hard-hitting biz shizzle, girlie fun and women's wisdom. A place to be seen and heard, where's it's safe to drop the mask and keep it real while dreaming really big!

Would you recommend Elevate to anyone else and why?

Yes I would, and I will. Because it's the right place for you if you want to step into YOU - and not just someone else's version of success (six-figure this or seven-figure that). While you WILL tackle your money mindset, it goes much deeper: the quality of the people it attracts is extremely high in the sense that the Elevators are, one and sundry, kind, gorgeous souls who all want to help heal the world. It's a caring and giving environment where you will laugh and cry together and where folk understand when it's all getting too much and you need a wee break. Our coach Anna has been sensationally present, and I've formed real connections and even some friendships in our group. Last but not least, it's very inspiring to watch Gemma grow so rapidly in such integrity, she is super generous, really knows her stuff and walks her talk. It feels priceless to know you have her in your corner!

Is this mastermind right for you?

The Elevate Mastermind is a good fit for you if ...


✔️You're tired of the online BS and want to work with a business mentor with integrity at her core who has real world experience that spans 20 years across numerous industries.

✔️You know that your results are your responsibility and you're prepared to show up and do the work.

✔️You will leave your pre-conceptions at the door and will be open to trying new things to get the success you desire.

✔️You struggle with the bullying culture online and crave real, honest relationships with real, honest humans.


The Elevate Mastermind is NOT a good fit for you if ...


𝓧 You expect instant results. Look, I'm not the coach to tell you this stuff happens overnight. It takes work, resilience and dedication. 

𝓧 You're looking for people to implement for you (you need a team for that).

𝓧 You want a step-by-step guide on what to do next (you need a program for that).

𝓧 You tend to look externally and place the blame elsewhere when things don't work out, instead of looking within.

𝓧 You don't believe in what you sell.

The time is now.

If you got more ticks than crosses up there and you’re an online business owner, entrepreneur, coach, mentor, consultant course provider, expert, writer, designer or influencer and you know, in your soul, that it’s time to step-up and into step-into the success you truly deserve, then you owe it to yourself to do something different and invest in your growth over the next 3 months and beyond.

Because the clock is ticking. Next month, next year, next anything is too late.

You're already ready.

The time is now.

Your time is now.

And I want to show you exactly what you need to do next to create the business growth you crave.

Apply right here

Elevate is usually a 6 month commitment, but we decided to make it even more accessible and open it up for 3 months to help you guys kick 2020 off the right way. We start on 2nd January 2020.



Per Month for 3 months inc VAT

3 month mastermind

2 monthly group mentoring calls

The Monday Motivation Session

2 SOS calls

Facebook Group run and managed by your specialist Elevate Coach.

Monthly Mindset Session

90 Day Review + Reset 

Lifetime Membership of The Elevate Academy and your 10 essential business growth systems



Per Month for 5 months inc VAT

3 month mastermind

2 monthly group mentoring calls

The Monday Motivation Session

2 SOS calls

Facebook Group run and managed by your specialist Elevate Coach.

Monthly Mindset Session

90 Day Review + Reset 

Lifetime Membership of The Elevate Academy and your 10 essential business growth systems



Pay once inc VAT

3 month mastermind

2 monthly group mentoring calls

The Monday Motivation Session

2 SOS calls

Facebook Group run and managed by your specialist Elevate Coach.

Monthly Mindset Session

90 Day Review + Reset 

Lifetime Membership of The Elevate Academy and your 10 essential business growth systems


Got questions? Your answer may be here. If I don't cover what you need, hit the live chat.

Okay honey, if you're having those thoughts then this is possibly the best investment you'll ever make as I have a clever knack of making even the most doubtful person, believe in herself. We tell ourselves so many stories, we compare to others and it's all BS. If you fit the criteria, if you can afford the investment, you - my darling - are good enough. Let's get that business of yours where it needs to be. 

If you're not brand new to business or the online world and you feel you can comfortably cover the investment, let's have a chat to see if it's aligned with you.

Don't panic! I run ALL of the live mentoring sessions and am very accessible (you get me every week, twice a month and every quarter!). But I've picked two coaches to run the day to day Facebook Group, who have a specialist skillset in areas you need extra support in (and are far better at these things than me). Bit like two for the price of one! 

As this is a shorter commitment we expect you to complete the 3 months.

Of course. Email [email protected] to set up a call asap.

Absolutely. I will run a 90 day planning session to help you get up and running, and within that I will share how to use the program inside of Elevate so you're up to speed before you join.

At the end, you will be given the opportunity to continue inside of Elevate OR you could be eligible to join my next level mastermind, The Leaders Lounge.

Don't panic! You only use these when you need them and as you have lifetime access so long as you complete your 6 months, you can implement in your own time.

This is ideal for online businesses that are already creating revenue, but it's not as consistent as they'd like and they feel stuck, unable to move to the next stage. You will already have an audience, even if it's small, and you're ready to breakthrough.

No more than 20 in each group.  This is my sweet spot number and works very well for the various elements I have designed for Elevate.

  1. We receive your application form and I dig into it myself as I need to ensure that Elevate is absolutely right for your needs (we're really not about bums on seats, we're about curated, supportive groups that get results).
  2. If I don't think it's a good fit, I'll get in touch and will suggest what would be right for you from either me, or one of my amazing peers instead. I believe in collaboration over competition and am linked to some amazing business coaches I happily recommend to my clients.
  3. If you're a good fit, we'll be in touch to set up a call for us to chat about it. Only once we're both happy that Elevate is right for you, will you be offered your spot. This is super important to me. 

I am an expert at spotting these a mile off and can help you through them. Even though we have specific mindset training, I have included subtle mindset work throughout the whole structure, so you will always be working on it. We will help you work through any resistances, with love and care. You also have Marie on hand to help with this in a very powerful way.

No. And if any coach does, RUN A FRICKIN' MILE!

Nobody can guarantee your results, because there's one big undefinable element that affects it...


I can guarantee to give you a structure that works, frameworks that slay, a group of peers to hold you up and a mentor and coach who have your back. 

But only you can do the work. And YOUR results are reliant on that.

You will be assigned to the coach who I KNOW will help you with your biggest struggles. 

Great question, buddy!

Right, so a lot of this is on you and I'm glad you've recognised that.

Remove yourself from any other programs or groups so you can focus on Elevate.

Create time in your schedule to work on this.

Declutter ahead of our start to create space. Your office, your home,  your laptop ... everything. 

Trust your intuition. If you've invested in this, it means it was RIGHT. No matter what fear turns up, know that you've made the right decision and I have your back. Always.

Absolutely YES! This is different to anything I've done before and it's designed to be repeated. You don't go through and then you're done. You can go through this as many times as you need.

I'd guess a minimum of 4 hours learning and being inside your Facebook Group. Everything else is implementation time, which can be as little or as much as you can spare. You really can go at your own pace.

There are no winners and it's not a race. So long as you learn and implement, you're all good.

This is less than many similar offerings in our industry, but it delivers far more. The value you get from this mastermind is worth 3x what I'm charging and I would expect you to at least get 3x the return on investment (and most get more). You, my friend, are worth this investment, you just need to believe that.

All calls are held around 2/3pm UK time Tuesday to Thursday. If you can't make them, they're recorded and shared with you.

Honestly, it all depends on you and the results you want. If you want faster results, you will need to show-up and do the work right off the bat. We're equipped to deal with you at whatever stage you're at and will help you to maximise what you already have in place as well as help you create new assets. We can advise on what you should do next to reach your specific goals, but reaching them is your responsibility.

So long as you have a viable product or service and you deliver on your promise, this will work for you so long as you show up and do the work.

Because nobody has the depth and breadth of real world business experience as me. Because I've survived two recessions and can help you do the same if our economy takes a downturn. Because I've been running masterminds for three years with phenomenal results. Because when you invest in me, I invest in you. Your success is my success and I will do everything in my power to help you reach your goals.

Listen. That's likely to be your fear talking. If you REALLY want this, you will make the time and you will make this happen (whether it's with me or someone else). But I get that it's uncomfortable. Investments like this trigger so much in us (me included, I have felt the way you are right now before I made a big investment in me and my business - but each time I've done it anyway, I've made a quantum leap - and you can too). You're already ready. There is no better time than now, you just need to decide to take the leap, or risk being in exactly the same place as you are now in 12 months. 

Read more about the structure and how it helps you to get results


I'm a huge believer in 90 day planning, which revolutionised my business and allowed me to get more done in 3 months than I used to in a whole year. I spend at least 2 hours with you at the start of the mastermind to help you map out you first 3 months and reach your goals. We then do the same at the mid-point, where we look at what worked, what didn't and then create your plan for the next 90 days.

You get my mentoring, consultancy and coaching in two group mentoring sessions over the month. Here you can ask me what you need, or simply share where you might be struggling and I will coach you through it. Every member gets a chance to get my direct support on these calls, although not all take a hot seat (to be honest, you often learn more just listening to the other members and their chats with me).

Get the latest from me and my own business growth in my Monday Motivation Sessions where I share trends, hot tips and ideas to help create momentum for your week.

If you have an emergency and need my eyes on your business, you have 2 15 minute SOS calls that you can book over the 6 months. 

The masterminding happens in the Facebook Group, where it's all about you, the other members and your Elevate Coach. My role is not to make you reliant entirely on my guidance and permission, but to create the belief, confidence and critical thinking you need to be a true leader, This happens in the Facebook Mastermind Group, where you will mastermind with your fellow members in a powerful way. With the coaches, you get extra support in an area you need. Daire is there for getting visible, content creation and productivity. Marie is there to help support those who need more mindset work.

Each Monday you are given an accountability prompt in your Facebook Group to feedback on where you are and what you need to meet your goals. Here you get the support and guidance of your Elevate Coach and fellow members.

I check in with you at the start of each month to review the previous month and check-in on your numbers and goals.

We also pair you with an accountability buddy if you need that extra support.

Mindset can be the biggest hurdle for business owners and I want to ensure you have the support you need. Each month you have a mindset session with our resident Mindset Coach, Marie Holden, where you can bring whatever is going on with you and work through it live with her and the group.

Ready to take things to the next level?


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