Coaches, Consultants, Creatives and Experts...'s time.


Time to scale your online business, your way, without being forced into an ill-fitting business model by an enthusiastic coach with little substance.

Time to take your revenue, impact, salary and freedom to the next level, without having to work harder or do the things that just ... don't feel right. 

Time for proven structure, strategy, systems and support that take the pressure off as you scale, without overworking, overcommitting and overthinking every little thing.

How would you like to...


Be widely known for a powerful lust have offer that delivers enviable results to your clients and predictable revenue every month to you?

Be proud of your soul-led evergreen sales system bringing aligned clients into your world on repeat in the most effortless, joyful way?

Feel secure because you have strong foundations holding your business firm when the unexpected sweeps in and threatens to upend things?

I'm guessing the answer is 'Yes Please!', in which case I'd love to invite you to join me inside of Elevate Collective®.

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Let me guess...


You're either on the brink of six figures or at multi-six figures, but things aren't how you thought they'd be.

You thought you'd get here and things would be easier, free'er somehow.

But that's not the case.

You dream of that illusive next level with more freedom, time, revenue, profit, salary and, well, life.

But you're already working all the hours and it feels like the next level will break you as it takes more of you.

There's a part of you that knows you can get there, you feel it in your soul, it's your destiny.

But you're exhausted from constantly having to find new clients each month and have no idea how to change that.

  • You're tired of launching and how it makes you feel.
  • You feel like your body is in constant stress, keeping you in fight, flight or freeze.
  • You've been taught a bunch of strategies and 'shoulds' that don't align with your values and ethics, but you have no idea what to do instead.
  • You're afraid that the current climate will have a devastating effect on your business, but you don't know what to change.

Tracy Litt-Lester

Her methods and framework for getting out of overwhelm and into action are awesome. Her ideas and direction are invaluable. Her generosity, her listening, her love are unparalleled.

Jo Bendle

My business increased 65% from having her support and constant encouragement. I know a lot of the biz stuff but I still needed this lovely legend in my life to support me through my next uplevel.

The sad truth is that most businesses aren't ready to scale.

A number of crucial elements need to be in place to scale...


... and most coaches don't teach this. Because most coaches don't know this.

Yes, you need a scalable offer.

Yes, you need a scalable sales system.

But most stop there. 

This is why many who scale come unstuck as they lack the foundations to hold them through the next phase of growth.

You've probably experienced this yourself.

You know you could take things to the next level.

You want to double, triple and more your revenue, profit and salary.

You want to build a team so you can work less and do those bucket list things you always thought your business would create for you.  

But so far it's not happening, and you don't know how to make it happen.

So you stay where you are, where it feels comfortable, doing it all, fearful of changing anything as you feel all those things you're balancing will come tumbling down.

Particularly now, with the world in financial turmoil. 

And yet, the people poised to survive and thrive through recessions are us. The entrepreneurs. The innovators.  

I know this because I've been through it before and my focus now is on helping my clients innovate and thrive as we navigate these waters. 


Karen Kissane

Gemma helped me to get my mission, message and positioning really, really clear. She is clearly good at what she does, but also really passionate about words and how you use them to create impact. She shone a light on what I do, how I help people and helped me take my ideas and create something so much more.

Jenny Guyat

Gemma holds space beautifully, securely and wisely whilst guiding you through some rocky terrain, however at all points I felt supported, nurtured and safe. I've shifted from confusion, resistance, frustration and fear to clarity, purpose, motivation and a clear action plan. I highly recommend her to anyone who just can't get out of their own way.

Imagine if...

  • You knew exactly how to create monthly recurring revenue that takes the pressure off and shows you exactly how to double that revenue, again and again with evergreen offers that feel fun, fulfilling and soul aligned. 
  • You had a soul led evergreen marketing and sales system that effortlessly attracted new clients each month without the exhaustion of launching, powered by beautiful messaging and a unique positioning that feels all you.
  • You knew how to create powerful experiences in your containers that increase retention and reduce complaints and refund requests.
  • You had all you needed to uplevel your mindset and energetics to fully step into mastery as you become the CEO that scales with soul, while taking radical care of yourself and supporting your nervous system.
  • You did all this with the systems and processes you need to scale, and a team plan that creates a powerful foundation for you to step into your visionary role, when you're ready for that.

And you could do all of that as part of a powerful collective of likeminded leaders with ethics at their core.


It's possible to scale and reach those big bold goals of yours without selling your soul to the coaching devil.

What if I handed you the keys...


... to a simple, sustainable, scaled business with predictable revenue growth and more time to live the life you long for? 

I've been successfully scaling mine and my clients businesses for the past five years, creating millions in revenue and a life they love. That journey has shown me clearly what works, and what doesn't.

Unlike other programs that force you into their way of doing things, I give you frameworks that you can bend and flex to work with your needs. Everything is customisable to fit your heart, soul and goals.

You see, everything I do is focussed on alignment. Your alignment. Driven by your values, ethics and soul.

When you scale with soul®, you create the business you always dreamed of. Perhaps that means having a team running things so you don't have to, clients joining you effortlessly each month on repeat, recurring revenue and profit building a healthy business and personal bank account, you doing all those things you hoped you would with your family and friends, because you have the time and means to do it.

Sounds good doesn't it?


And just who will be mentoring, coaching and teaching you inside of Elevate Collective?

We have a powerful team of experts, headed up by me, Gemma Went.

Founder of the Lighthouse Business Academy® and The Conscious Consultant Certification®, I'm a scaling geek, obsessed by recurring revenue and evergreen models for the past six years, usually surrounded by four crazy cocker spaniels. 

I’m a multi-award winning Online Business Mentor, Strategist, Energy Practitioner and Certified Mindset Coach, with over 22 years of experience, over a decade of that working with some of the biggest global brands.

I blend corporate, brand and agency experience with all I’ve learned from scaling two of my own businesses to create tried and tested frameworks that help my clients get to six, multi-six and seven figures.


  • Had multi-six figure launches, multi-six figure months, six-figure days and created millions in my company.
  • Scaled with a powerful many to many model with a superstar team.
  • Spent thousands of hours mentoring and training and continue to invest in some of the best in the business to ensure I stay on top of my game.
  • Helped thousands of online business owners scale on their terms.

Our Expert Team


Emma runs both the weekly accountability sessions and the monthly mindset sessions, and has worked with Gemma's clients for a few years. She’s a solution focussed coach and hypnotherapist, RTT Therapist and Gallup certified Clifton Strengths Coach.


Jo runs the monthly nervous system sessions and is a trauma informed psychotherapist and Nervous System Health and Relational Neuroscience coach. She combines 30 years of working creatively and therapeutically with people to offer deep insights and wisdom into how your body and brain are operating.


Trudy is a is a clarity and business coach and runs the monthly networking sessions. She's brilliant at getting people together and facilitating powerful conversations. She's also a dab hand at growing engaged communities through proving that being the whole of yourself is all you need.


Lisa is Gemma's second at The Lighthouse and will be supporting you with marketing and tech help across your journey. She will also be the one whipping up tech and template solutions as we spot challenges that we can help you shortcut. 

The nine month high-value mentoring and coaching experience intentionally designed to help you scale with soul® and elevate every part of your business as you step into next level revenue, impact, salary and freedom.

This is unlike anything in the industry. We've blended the best of 1:1, masterminds, high ticket programs and a whole lot of love and care.

This isn't just any program or mastermind. It's an experience where you choose your journey, driven by your desires and needs.


But if you'd like to understand what you can achieve on your journey, we have a fully customisable curriculum of projects for you to use in your business in a way that feels all you, showing you how to::

Fully step into your power, owning your unique genius, core truths and self belief as you infuse this into your new positioning, messaging and offers.

Take your monthly recurring revenue to the next level, which means you can step away from those revenue rollercoaster moments that plague you now.

Create or optimise a high-value evergreen signature program that you can scale to multi-six or seven figures.

Create a soul aligned evergreen marketing and sales system that attracts ideal clients on automatic, without the need for exhausting launches. 

Create powerful experiences that improve your retention, make you a lust-have choice for your ideal clients and help you standout from your peers.

Create the structure, systems and support that will make your business work without you having to be IN the business all the time. In fact our aim is that you will be able to take more time off.

Of course this is reliant on you showing up and doing the work inside, but we will help you with that.

You'll have me and a powerful team of expert coaches to hold you as you move through the resistance that comes with growth.



Allow me to introduce one of the most powerful models in the online business industry: The Scale with Soul Method®, which merges the four keys to next level success.


Optimise an existing offer or create a new one based on our recurring revenue and evergreen models to escalate your revenue to predictable 10k, 20k or 30k+ months.


Create powerful client experiences that increase retention, repeat clients and testimonials and decrease cancellations and refund requests. 


Effortlessly create clients on repeat in your evergreen programs, with your own soul led evergreen marketing and sales system .


Step into mastery with a blend of high performance habits, energetics, subconscious rewiring and next level authority and identity.


We're clear who this program is for, and who it isn't. We only accept clients we know we can get results for. Your success is our success and we'll be going all in on it ... so we need to know you'll do the same.


  • Those who don't feel like they quite fit in amongst many of the online groups, who have a deep knowing that there must be another way that suits them better.
  • Those who want to scale with an evergreen group program or mastermind, whether they're moving from 1:1 or optimising an existing group program..
  • Those who want to jump off the launch rollercoaster and create evergreen marketing and sales systems.
  • Those self led souls who are coachable and take responsibility for their growth.
  • Those with a collaborative attitude who love to add to the collective.
  • Those ready to balance the inner and outer work.
  • Those coaches, consultants, creatives and experts who are already creating between 5k - 20k consistent months.


  • Those in the earlier stages of business [my Online Business Bootcamp is perfect for you guys].
  • Those who prefer to work 1:1.
  • Those who prioritise money over client care and results.
  • Those who choose to use unethical practices.

Here's what's inside:



We have two pathways

GROW: For those looking to reach recurring 10k months.

SCALE: For those looking to reach recurring 30k+ months.


A review of your business and a bespoke report with suggestions on what you need to do next to get to where you want to be.

Take this at any time during your 9 months with us.


Join a powerful mentoring call with me for your pathway to ensure the conversations are aligned with your level of growth.


Nobody gets to hide in our program. Our accountability and tracking system means we know how you're doing and if we need to step in to support you.


Daily accountability and connection with your likeminded leaders, sharing your journey and supporting you as you scale, as you do the same for them.

90 DAY

Join us and your fellow members as we review, recalibrate and upgrade to the next level with powerful introspection. 


Come together with your fellow members once a month to connect and explore opportunities to work together and collaborate.


Join our Nervous System Coach and Mindset Coach to understand how to regulate your system and support yourself as you grow.


We'll give you everything you need to shortcut each part of the process and save you the time of working this out for yourself.

Plus all access pass to Ascension, my powerful inner game program.



This six month journey combines subconscious reprogramming to rewire those negative narratives that hold you back, energy editing to clear stuck emotions in your system your growth,  nervous system exercises to help you recalibrate and a number of supportive embodiment practices to remove those things that stand in your way as you scale.

The thing is, it takes more than strategy to create the rise to the next level. True ascension needs to have mind, body and soul onboard. Otherwise we resist it and aren't ready to receive and hold it. 

This experience heals at the subconscious, and energetic and nervous system levels, while you do the work within Elevate Collective to scale to the next level.

This is the ultimate in BEING and DOING.

"Since starting the program and doing the work my business has exponentially grown. This month I had my first ever 25k month! I totally put this down to the amazing deep work in Ascension."
Lesley Calvo

"I love Ascension as it gives a fantastic framework for you to personalise your mindset work each month. The combination of fixed elements but which change in focus each month really keeps it fresh and dynamic."
Jenny Guyat



Your timing is impeccable.


Join us now, lock in our intro offer and be part of the collective that shapes this into a powerful experience for you and others.

Here’s a recap of what’s included when you join Elevate Collective:

  • The Grow Pathway Curriculum: Value £2,000

  • The Scale Pathway Curriculum: Value £2,000

  • 1:1 Business Audit: Value £2,000

  • 18 Mentoring Sessions with Gemma: Value £20,000

  • 9 Mindset Sessions: Value £2,000

  • 9 Nervous System Reset Sessions: Value £2,000

  • 36 Accountability Sessions: Value £6,000

  • 3 90 Day Upgrade Sessions: Value £3,000

  • 9 Networking Sessions: Value £2,000

  • Ascension: Price £3,000

  • Facebook Group Mastermind: Priceless
  • All the SOPs, templates and scripts you need: Priceless

Total Value: £44,000

The price will go up to £5000 soon and for our first voyage, spots are limited so we can ensure we have the structure to support each and every member.

[So, if this speaks to you, get your application in quick]



ex VAT




ex VAT


Worried this will be yet another investment that doesn't deliver ROI?


Let me remove that fear.

If you get to the end of the 9 months and you've implemented our projects and shown up for our sessions, but you haven't at least made your investment back, you can stay with us until you do.*

*terms and conditions apply


Sharn Khaira

Gemma’s the real deal and hands down one of the best mentors I have worked with! She was the first person to really believe I could hit six figures, even though that meant doubling my income!

Claire Winter

If you want expert eyes on your business, look no further. Gemma has an amazing ability to give you great advice to achieve clarity. A master of recurring revenue, she will give actionable advice to move your business forward with grace, humour and tough love.

Soniamarie Palmer

It's been invaluable and is truly is a great place for you if you want to stay on track, get accountability, have access to Gemma and learn a lot. It has all the resources for you you need, when you need it.

Dipti Solanki

This is the most comprehensive, value packed container with trainings on everything. The massive bonus of having Gemma on a weekly mentoring call is just the icing on the cake and worth the fee alone.

Chelsea Green

Since working with Gemma, I find I'm able to just show up and do the work – writing and voicing my truth has become easier, I'm much more productive, content flows, I don’t feel the need to buy every course looking for that magic bullet or extra skill, and the biggest thing for me is that I trust myself. The self-doubt is gone, along with attaching my self-worth to my outcomes. My only wish is that I had done something like this sooner. I honestly cannot recommend Gemma enough.  She is caring and has buckets of empathy; she is one of the few coaches who I feel really wants others to succeed.Gemma delivers on every promise and some.

Katie Salinger

Before I signed up I was stuck in a state of procrastination. I sort of knew what needed to be done, however I was unsure of what really needed to be done, and in what order. Gemma gave me clear direction, plus a simple step-by-step path and plan to follow for the next 3 months. She does an amazing job of sifting through the jumble, to pick out the pieces which need to be done, before sorting them into the right order for moving your business forward. Not only that, but she also provided links to all the training and resources I need to get the plan completed - No more excuses!

Let's Talk Details


The Scale with Soul Method® breakdown

Within each pillar are two sets of pathway projects for you to complete on your scaling journey. You don't have to complete all projects, we choose together which are relevant for you, your business and your journey.

Join and start on The Grow Pathway, working your way through the projects until moving to The Scale Pathway once you've secured consistent 10k months.

Or join us on The Scale Pathway if you already have 10k months locked down in your business, working through the projects as you achieve your next level and secure consistent 30k+ months. 



Opimise an existing offer or create a new one based on our evergreen and recurring revenue principles. This will be your signature offer, designed for scale.

Once your signature offer is established, learn how to add your next level offer into the mix to double [or more] your existing recurring revenue.



Design and create your soul led evergreen marketing and sales system that creates new clients each month on automatic. Then once that’s established, understand how to optimise it to take you to the next level.

When you're ready, learn how to create a powerful affiliate system to reach new audiences without working harder.




Understand the elements of experience design from my years with one of the UK’s leading innovation consultancies, creating a powerful retention system and feedback loops that keep your clients happy and your offers and messaging on point.

Later, understand how to extend this by scaling with an experience team.



Heal and uplevel inside of our powerful inner game program, Ascension.

Uncover your unique genius and core truths, immediately upgrading your belief system and identity. 

Create a signature approach that catapults your credibility and authority.

Take care of yourself as you grow with our Nervous System Regulation Coach and our Mindset Coach.

Scale a simple, sustainable, soul-led business with recurring 10 to 30k+ months, clients on repeat and more time to do what you love.

  • Two powerful curriculum pathways that meet you where you are.

  • Business audit with bespoke report to get you to where you want to be.

  • Pathway mentoring sessions with Gemma so the conversations are at your level.

  • Accountability, connection and support.

  • Facebook Group mastermind with likeminded souls for daily connection and inspiration. 

  • 90 day upgrade sessions to recalibrate and step up.

  • Networking sessions for collaboration and opportunities.

  • Nervous system regulation and Mindset Sessions to help your system manage this uplevel.

  • Systems, templates + scripts to save time and energy.

  • 6 month deep healing journey inside Ascension, worth £3k.


Only £4,300 or £500/month for 9 months [ex vat]
Goes up to £5,000 soon!

Ready to apply?


The first step is to fill in your name and email address below. You'll then be asked a few questions so I can understand if you're a good fit for us, and we're a good fit for you. 

I review all applications and if we're aligned, we'll reach out to chat about you joining. If not, I'll give you a few suggestions to support you.

Get that application in quick though, we only have a few spots.

Still Got Questions?



I know first hand how scary it can be to invest. 

The application is just the first step for us both to check-in on alignment. Once you're through that phase, you'll get the opportunity to chat to us more to ensure this is what you need for your next stage of business. But if you have any questions now, hit the live chat and my team will ensure I reach out to you personally.