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I’m celebrating my 51st birthday and my return to Glastonbury Festival by bringing you 5 epic offers from 23rd - 27th June

Each day you will see the “Headline Act” (aka offer) at the top of this page and the “Supporting Acts” (aka offers) will be under it. 

All offers are available from the 23rd and will be taken down at 8pm on the 27th June.


If you have any questions please reach out to us via the live chat at the bottom of this page ... I'll be doing my thing at Glasto, but the team will be on hand to support you. 

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The Headline Act

Access to all of my digital products for just £51

Today is my 51st birthday 🎉 and I’m doing something slightly crazy 

I’m giving you access to all of my digital products for just £51!!!! 

Yes you got that right, all of these for £51: 

  • The Protection Kit
  • The Income Booster
  • The Strategy Workbook
  • The Future You Visualisation
  • The 90 Day Planner
  • The Launch System
  • The Content Calendar
  • The Ultimate Clubhouse Starter Kit

At full price this is worth at least £221 so you are getting such a bargain! 

I’m not even going to try to sell it to you because the price alone should be enough 😉

Head here and get instant access to all 8 products for £51.

The Supporting Acts

These offers expire in: 









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