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Feel the call to step up in your business, but something pulls you back?

Have a burning desire inside to ‘be’ a leader, but you have no idea how?

Feel like a leader already, but want to step deeper into that to create more impact?

Know you’d love to thrive in this climate, and want to be amongst a group of women doing the same?

Crave a safe space with people on your level, where you can be vulnerable, share ideas, get support and elevate, together?

Then Leaders Lounge®could be exactly what you crave.

Leaders Lounge is my high-level mastermind for high-achieving womxn who want to step into their new level and lead.

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You've tasted success already and you're hungry for more.

You want to make an impact and leave a legacy for your family and the world. 

You've started the inner work, and you're ready for the next stage.

You want to go beyond the usual programs and go deeper with your work.


People who want to make a difference.

People with kindness and compassion at their core.

People with integrity. True integrity.

People who take personal responsibility.

People who do the hard work.

People who do the inner work.

People who will get, every time.

People who see opportunity in the midst of darkness.

But Leaders Lounge® isn't for everybody, it can't be

Because creating a powerful group of womxn at similar levels in business is important to the success of Leaders Lounge® and the leaders inside.

It calls for people who have already been through a lot of the entrepreneur stuff. The courses. The coaches. The training. Done.

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here's the thing

The world changed. Things got a bit weird. Your emotions have been up and down.

In the midst of all of that, you’ve been doing business.

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You may have been flitting between fight, flight or freeze.

But mostly you’re feeling the fight.

This will not beat you. Not you. 

You know there’s opportunity in the midst of it all, and you want to grab it. 

You know you can grow your business through this, heck you may even scale. 

You know you can reach more people, impact more people, leave a legacy. 

You feel the call to step up and lead, and you want to answer that call because you know that what the world needs right now are more womxn leaders.


But you may also be feeling one of two things:

  1. You don’t see yourself as a leader and wonder who you are to even think that.
  2. You have a fire within that’s driving you to achieve so much more, but you’ve no idea what to do next.

Leaders Lounge® can help with that.

The thing is, being a ‘leader’ isn’t about having a huge team, a huge audience or a huge revenue. 

It's not about vanity numbers.

It’s a state of mind.

A way of being.

A desire to make a difference.

To have a positive effect on the world.

And you’re ready for it. 

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Hi, I’m Gemma, Online Business Mentor + Growth Strategist to business owners who know they were born to create incredible change in their own lives and the lives of others. 

The results speak for themselves. My clients have achieved things like this: 

✮ Doubling, trebling and 10 times’ing monthly revenue.

✮ Vastly increasing monthly salaries with life changing affects.

✮ Creating and selling out new revenue streams.

✮ Buying dream homes.

✮ Creating breakthrough low-end and high-end offers.

✮ Streamlining by adding automated systems and team members.

✮ Replacing self doubt with a rock solid belief that they ‘can’.

✮ Winning coveted industry awards and prizes

✮ Reaching six, multi-six and seven figures in revenue.

And so much more.

As for my own results... 

I have 20+ years of business and marketing experience, consulting with over a thousand one-person brands to huge global brand, and I've thrived through two recessions. This isn't my first rodeo.

I’ve built two multi-six-figure businesses of my own — the first won me an Entrepreneur of the Year award, and I created the second from a friend’s spare room while 7 months pregnant.

As a single mum, I grew that second business to six figures within two years and recently won the Entrepreneur's Champion Award at the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

I’ve grown to a virtual team of 6 and built entire business systems so the company runs like clockwork, which means I rarely work long hours, bring in consistent recurring revenue, and can take school holidays off to be a mum to my son.

As for you, my love,
your time is now.


I’ve been through a recession. I know what needs to be done. I know how many opportunities show up. I know this is a great time for us to step-up.

But time is against some of you. There will be a wave of new people hitting our online scene. People who have lost their jobs. People who rather like this home working thing. People who see the opportunity of having an online business.

It’s about to get competitive, and you want to be on the right side of that competition.

Because you can be the one they learn from. You can be the one with market share. You can be the one that thrives through all this.

Because you can be the leader who helps to serve and guide your people. 

This is what The Leaders Lounge® will help you do. 

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Right now you might be thinking?

I'm not good enough to do this.

This feels way too scary.

People will judge me.

Who am I to call myself a leader?

What if it all fails and I lose everything?

The thing is, change is scary.

What I'm asking you to do, is scary.


But what's the alternative?

Not taking the opportunity to make massive change.

Staying in that comfort zone forever.

Staying hidden, so people don't judge you.

What if the positives outweigh your fears?

What if you have a huge ripple effect with the people you serve?

What if you stepping up inspires the young girls in your family to do the same?

The thing is, part of leadership is letting go of the fear, understanding it will come and go and being okay with it, because our mission becomes bigger than fear. And that, my friend, is powerful.

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"I absolutely love Gemma's down to earth, pragmatic, practical and motivating approach which is underpinned by a reassuring belief, honesty, vulnerability and transparency that means we are truly being guided by an inspirational leader and role model.

Gemma helps you focus not only on the pure business needs but also on self awareness and connection with your intuition and spiritual self. I have reorganised my business structure and systems so these felt simpler, more organised and flowed effortlessly. I wanted to ensure that I was supported in a way that would help me achieve the business growth I dream of and have been scared to step into before, but not now. The mastermind group was carefully selected and are an incredible group of talented entrepreneurs who encourage, support and stretch one another."

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"What a difference the Leaders Lounge has made to my day to day operations, thinking and planning mindset so far. In that time, I feel like a weight has lifted. Having fresh eyes on my business means that I'm no longer scared to follow the path that I have been dithering over for months.

Gemma's 1:1 session with me was the kickstart I needed to help me to follow my heart, coupled with the practical, down to earth steps she encouraged and implemented for me to follow in order to get things moving. In one month, I have already started an exciting JV project, got a trademark application underway and drafted the rebrand and redesign plan that I need in order to grow the business. Now I am finally getting things moving whilst planning to scale and build on the foundations that I have had in place, but that had me stuck in a rut of 'safety'. This journey has been incredible."

This is how it works

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Inside we will help you to step into your leadership role, embrace the inner work that will support your elevation, strip back anything that won’t support you now, refocus your attention on what will help you to grow and help you take consistent action.

It isn’t the place to learn all the things. We’re taking what you’ve already got and optimising it. You don’t want more things. You just want to DO the right things to grow your business and step into the next level, without dumping even more on your plate. 

The Success Path inside Leaders Lounge® is built on:

  1. Group Kick-off Strategy Session with me so you know exactly how to grow and scale to reach your goals.
  2. Bi-weekly mentoring calls for guidance and support from me and masterminding with your fellow Leaders.
  3. Monthly Virtual Retreat/Mastermind Days to come together and do the deeper, transformational work.
  4. Monthly 1:1 email checkin with me for gap spotting, course correction and support.
  5. Monthly sprint planning to create clarity and focus and understand the numbers needed to hit the goals.
  6. Monthly mindset session to deal with any resistance that rears its head.
  7. Facebook Group Mastermind to share with your fellow powerhouse female leaders and get support from me.
  8. Lifetime access to Elevate Academy - my program of ten online business growth systems to plug into your business when you need it.
  9. Access to Consistency Club and all it's features if you need it.

You will be getting all you need to create a recession-proof business, a strategy for growth and a new found confidence that helps you to step into the leader you are.

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Emma O

"Gemma seems to have thought of every angle and covered all the needs of a business owner who wants to really step into their mission. I’ve already had my best month in business and feel more confident and empowered than ever before that I can pull off the big dreams I have and be supported through it all whatever comes up."

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Emma S

"Leaders lounge is a magical combination of leaders in different businesses.

It is supportive, thought provoking and transformative experience which I would recommend to anyone looking for the next level of business mastermind."


Leaders Lounge® is a ten month mastermind running from the 11th January to the 11th December. We take a self-care month in the summer where we urge you to step back from your business and regroup, as we do the same. You're not charged for this month, but the Facebook Group Mastermind remains open for you to get support from your fellow Leaders
The mastermind is invite and application only as the right group is essential to its success. Fill in the application below and I'll be in touch. Or choose to chat to me over DM by clicking that button


Bi-weekly mentoring calls (value £4000)
Monthly Virtual Retreat Days (value £5000)
Monthly 1:1 Email Checkin with me (value £4000)
Monthly Planning (value £2000)
Monthly Mindset Session (value £2500)
Facebook Group Mastermind (£2000)
Lifetime access to Elevate Academy (value £696)
Access to Consistency Club (value £660)
TOTAL VALUE: £22,800
(FYI This is ACTUAL value rather than 'high numbers plucked from thin air' value. These are the prices I would charge for these elements independently over the 10 months).



ex VAT
Over ten months
Increases to £900 per month on 1st November



ex VAT
Increases to £9000 on 1st November



ex VAT
Over fifteen months
Increases to £600 per month on 1st November
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"The monthly virtual day is like a beautiful, gentle and very powerful bootcamp for the soul. If you want to feel safe enough to go deep within to tap into your inner knowledge in a way shorter space of time than you can do by yourself, Gemma holds the space amazingly and the connections and sharing from your fellow attendees help you to feel seen and supported in a way I'd never experienced before. Spine-tingling stuff and the knowledge gained from the day is going to supercharge your business."

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"What I appreciate the most about Leaders Lounge is the gorgeous group of female entrepreneurs lifting each other up and that Gemma holds my vision as sacred as her own and reminds me of it whenever I temporarily loose it. She tells me straight when something isn’t relevant right now and would waste my time, while her words always stay kind and compassionate. For the first time in my 9 years of being an entrepreneur I feel that I’m building a sustainable business tailored to my needs as a mom of four small children."



Are you ready to step up and lead?
Then it's time.