Is it time for a short, sharp
injection of expertise and
a BIG boost of income in
your business?


If this is you ...

You've been in business a while but you're just not reaching those income or profit levels you dream of.

You have a website. You're using social media. Heck you may even have given Facebook Ads a go, but you're not getting the results you CRAVE.

You spend a load of time on social media, but nobody is converting into buyers.

Your website is as much use as a chocolate fire guard.

Your email list is like a sad, barren land of lost souls. Or worse still, there's barely anyone there.

Your days are spent worrying, searching, wondering how you can make all of this work.

You need to increase your conversions and your income NOW.

You're done with DIY and  need an experienced consultant to analyse your business and show you how to turn it around.

Then you need me ...

I'm a Business Mentor & Digital Strategist with over 16 years experience (aka the answer to all your problems).

I get stunning results for my clients (more on that later).

I created a six figure business from scratch while I was a single mum of a toddler (just call me the bootlegger).

I'm a genius at seeing WHY things aren't working, spotting income gaps and plugging them (this often results in a big increase).

I have the exact solution to deal with that lot up there (told you I was the answer to all your problems).



If you're not getting the results you need for your business.

If you're chatting to people on Social Media but none are turning into customers.

If your website's not getting clicks, let alone conversions.

If you've tried every course out there but they've made no difference (and quite frankly, you're sick of them).

If you need a short, sharp injection of the right expertise to turn things around FAST.

Then this is for you. 

I'd love to take you from frustrated, struggling and worried about income. To feeling confident in your marketing, proud of your business and secure in the knowledge that you WILL reach those financial goals.

And I want to do this fast.

You see people have been asking me for this. A quick solution to solve their business problems, without spending months on yet another course or sent on a wild goose chase after searching Google for the wrong answer.

Sometimes, you need to plug-in the RIGHT expertise. Someone you can trust. Someone with integrity at her very core. Someone who genuinely cares. Someone with a truckload of experience that can take you by the hand and tell you everything will be ok.

In the Business Reboot you get ME analysing your business.

  1. I'll identify where the income gaps are.
  2. I'll identify what you need to improve and what you need to stop.
  3. I'll identify where you can improve your results, FAST.  
  4. I'll design a sales and marketing system that's right for YOU.

Then you get your own bespoke, fast-track action plan to get you where you need to be, with full instructions on how to get there. 

AND you get 2 months of coaching, hand-holding, accountability and gentle pushing-in-the-right-direction from me.

Now this isn't a 'get rich quick' scheme. This is your chance to have an experienced consultant look at your business, understand you and your vision, help you get into full alignment, look at your structure and processes and identify exactly where you're going wrong. I'll then create a game-plan to increase your income and get your business running like clockwork. 

No more second guessing. No more following cookie-cutter methods that just don't work for you. No more wasting money on coaches with no real business experience.  

Who am I?

I'm Gemma. Business Mentor, Digital Strategist and Deliverer of Dreams. I've led the marketing at a range of businesses, been the social media director at two agencies, ran two successful businesses of my own (the first I won an entrepreneur of the year award for) and built a six figure business from nothing. I've been where you are. I've been in the trenches. I know what it's like to want something to succeed so much it hurts. And I know how to make it happen. I'd like to do that for you.

As well as hundreds of small businesses, my clients include ...

Some of my results ...

  • Rachel sold out a brand new program within a month of being in my Mastermind and brought in £5k of new revenue.
  • Kerri doubled her income in 2 months and was on page 1 of Google.
  • Anna launched her course within 3 months (she’d been trying to do this for a decade!).
  • Jen brought her fledgling new product idea to life within 4 months, was inundated with sales and had to recruit a new team member.
  • Karen launched a new income stream in under a month, after hiding this talent for years.
  • Emma uncovered that she was out of alignment with her true calling, and completely pivoted her business.
  • Sam hit over £1.2 million in sales within 4 months of launch.
  • I created the first social media strategy for the BFI London Film festival, extending the reach and opening the festival up to a new audience online.
  • I was the first to put fashion bloggers on the red carpet at the WGSN Global Fashion awards, standing shoulder to shoulder with the press.
  • I doubled the recruitment rates for a University with a social led Clearing Campaign. 
  • Over 60% of my clients return, with many relationships lasting well over 6 years. 
  • 2 clients have offered me a permanent role as Director of Social Media. Both made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.
  • I’ve run two successful businesses and received an Entrepreneur of the Year Award for my first business 10 years ago. This was an agency that specialised in digital and social media (I knew it was going to be huge, even back then).


Fancy joining this list?

This is how the Business Reboot works:

  • You'll fill in my deep dive briefing form that will help me to get inside your head and under the skin of your business.
  • We'll have a Fact Finding Mission on Zoom where I'll probe and question you so I know EVERYTHING I need to turn things around for you.
  • I'll spend time diving into your business, looking at your customers and competitors.
  • I'll create a bespoke plan that's right for YOU. In this you'll get a full breakdown of what to do next and instructions on how to do it. This will be your personal roadmap to success.
  • We'll have another briefing call to ensure you fully understand the roadmap.
  • You then get 2 months access to me to help you if you stumble, with 2 follow-up calls.
  • You ALSO get lifetime membership of my Simply Smart Business Academy, my Online Business Knowledge hub with over 40 classes that show you exactly how to create results for yourself.

This is what you get out of it:


  • Stronger positioning and messaging.
  • A clear plan for your website performance and conversions.
  • A clear plan for social media.
  • A mapped out funnel to get your sales working on automatic.
  • A mapped out income roadmap.
  • A sales and marketing system.
  • A mapped out evergreen sequence for your list.
  • A mapped out automation plan to make your business run like clockwork.
  • Your content pillars and template content plan with a few creative ideas thrown in for good measure.
  • Instructions on how to implement all of this. 
  • All of my processes, systems and shortcuts to business success.
  • My support, adoration and love. 

This isn't for the faint-hearted and I will expect you to take action.

But that's because I want this to work for you.


Just imagine, having the right business coach and marketing mentor focussed on your success for two months.

Sounds good right?

If it's time to take action.
If it's time to reach your goals.
If it's time to increase your income.
It's time for a business reboot.

Apply for yours now.
I only take 2 bookings per month



(ex VAT for UK Folk)

  • Fact finding mission.
  • Full digital review with bespoke report and improvement plan.
  • Full debrief, support and training session.
  • Lifetime membership of The Simply Smart Business Academy (worth £496).







(ex VAT for UK Folk)

  • Fact finding mission.
  • Full digital review with bespoke report and improvement plan.
  • Full debrief, support and training session.
  • 2 month coaching support with 1 call per month and email support.
  • Lifetime membership of The Simply Smart Business Academy (worth £496).





Per month for 3 months
(ex VAT for UK Folk)

  • Fact finding mission.
  • Full digital review with bespoke report and improvement plan.
  • Full debrief, support and training session.
  • 2 month coaching support with 1 call per month and email support.
  • Lifetime membership of The Simply Smart Business Academy (worth £496).

Please note, all prices are ex VAT for UK folk. Sorry about that.


Need to chat about this?

Email me here or book a quick call here.


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You have questions?
The answers may be here ...

I've only just started my business, is this right for me? No. This is for people who have been in business a while, but are struggling to get results. For brand new businesses I suggest you try my Simply Smart Business Academy, which is a much more affordable DIY option. 

Why do I have to apply? I need to be absolutely sure this is right for you. I won't take people's money who won't take action on the plan I produce. This is about results and I want them as much as  you. 

That's a big investment, how can I be sure of the value? I should be charging more than this. The value you get out of the Reboot is far, far more than what you pay. I'm specifically looking at increasing income and, if you follow my advice, I expect you to make 3, 5, 10 times the price, very quickly. You're also getting full, one-on-one support from me, which is priceless. My corporate clients pay this for a fraction of my time.

How can I be sure this is right for me? If you're not getting the results you need from your business and you're CERTAIN it's not about the product or service, then this is right for you. 

I have a bricks and mortar business with an online presence, is this right for me? Yes, this will work for all businesses that have a presence online. I've worked with both product and service based busineses, in a wide range of industries.