Has it happened yet?

That moment you just KNOW you need to take your business to the next level.

That moment your dreams are within touching distance (if only you knew how to reach them).

That moment you realise NOW is your time.

Your time to break through whatever is holding you back.

Your time to be taken by the hand by an experienced business mentor and told "It’s ok, I’ve got you".

Well, you’re right.

Now is your time. And the world is ready for you to shine.

with Gemma Went

My masterminds bring together groups of ambitious business owners who want to grow their business and get the results they crave, with integrity, authenticity and a big helping of chutzpah.
This swoon-worthy mastermind is right for you if ...


  • You're not getting the results you need from your business and need to increase your revenue, your leads, your community, your reach and your income streams, without feeling overwhelmed. 
  • You're desperate to move from the feast and famine cycle, into consistent monthly income.
  • You feel stuck and unable to progress. 
  • You need some no-holds-barred feedback on your business strategy to get it on track.
  • You’re done spending time and money on courses without implementing a thing.
  • You're done with coaches who promise the world but fail to deliver.
  • You’re sick of comparing yourself to your peers online and wondering ‘why not me?’
  • You want to know how to grow your brand, be visible online, become the leader you are and make more money (and quite frankly you're sick of trying without getting anywhere).
  • You can't stop those creeping thoughts of doubt and know you need some help to switch your mindset.
  • You'd love to stop copying what everyone else is doing and create a stand out marketing plan that's right for YOU.

You deserve a business with meaning and the life YOU desire.
And you know what? It's possible with the right support, the right knowledge, the right mindset and a truckload of courage.

THIS is what I deliver inside Elevate.

But don't take my word for it, hear from previous masterminders ...

Noomi Natan

"If you are thinking of joining a mastermind, definitely join Gemma's. She's the real deal. There is no cookie-cutter stuff, no fluff. Gemma goes above and beyond.

She will teach you all the stuff you need to get your business moving so much faster - and she does it in a way that makes it all much simpler. She'll give you the right balance of support and challenge and she goes way beyond what you'd expect. If there is no waiting list for her mastermind you're in luck. I am only two month into it and I can honestly say, if you're worried the money is a stretch - do it. If you're considering your options - choose Gemma. If you're doubting yourself - choose Gemma.

Her mastermind is worth every penny. And she attracts some fab ladies so you'll get some amazing business buddies."

Olivia Hill

"Doing the Mastermind has been an amazing experience. Not only do you get access to Gemma's strategy framework, 90 day planning framework and her razor sharp business mind, but there is something incredibly powerful about group learning.

All the women in our group have formed an incredible bond and I have no doubt we will continue to help and encourage each other long after the mastermind has finished.

Gemma gets you to answer the hard questions, to dig deep to bring out your unique message, learn how to grow and be a business owner and keeps you motivated in an encouraging way to meet your goals.

She says she brings people's business dreams to life, and I can tell you she really, truly does."

Kara Goodrich

"Gemma's mastermind is definitely like no other. Carefully selected in a group of like-minded sassy entrepreneurs, you all go on a unique journey together supporting, collaborating and guiding each other every step of the way with Gemma leading the pack, sharing her immense wisdom and many many wise words.

It's a journey that takes you on highs and lows but gets the best out of you and the end result will only end in success.

Whether you are starting out, looking to expand or re-visiting your vision it's a unique experience that really helps you to identify and fine tune where you are, what your goals are and how to get there. You'd be silly not to and you meet some great people along the way."

Sarah Sternberg

"You know the saying, "It's like herding cats"? That's what it felt like when I wanted to grow my business to the next level but my ideas were like herding cats - they were all over the place! Enter the cat whisperer, Gemma, who made sense of my desire to grow yet spoke to the anxiety in my voice about how to go it.

Gemma provides practical tools that will focus you and help you create habits that make you a more productive entrepreneur.

Her system and philosophy perfectly aligned with mine because they were simple to implement. Her advice and our monthly coaching calls are the icing on the cake because she encourages you to continue down the path of resistance.

I needed a coach like Gemma to help me build a foundation that I can grow from and use at any stage of my business. Join Gemma if you want to be surprised at just how much potential you have within you; a revelation that will only lead to a more profitable business!"

Rachel Foy

"Being a part of Gemma’s mastermind has been nothing short of incredible. I came into it needing some clarity and came out feeling like a match has been lit underneath me, I’m on fire!

She helped me see things which I hadn’t been able to before and with her expert eye and her gentle nudges, I have completely repositioned my business, created new offerings, had my biggest month to date and I have so many things in the pipeline which I am truly excited about.

The space she created was beautiful, safe and non judgemental. I know the other mastermind ladies will be life long biz buddies of mine and I also know that this won’t be the last time that I will be working with Gemma.

She was a blessing that came into my life just at the right time. If you get a chance to have her in your life and your business, grab it, you won’t regret it!"

JJ Miller

"Being part of Gemma's mastermind has been nothing short of game-changing. She helped me see that I didn't need to do everything - and helped me to identify the things I can do that set my soul on fire.

She also helped me see the value in my work and encouraged me to up my prices, gave me new ways to market my company, helped me find (brilliant!) ways of making passive income and brainstormed a stream of ideas that will keep me busy for the foreseeable future.

Working with Gemma and the other wonderful people in the mastermind group has given me a newfound confidence I don't think I'd ever have gained on my own. I have felt supported, brave, talented and inspired. 

The mastermind has, without doubt, been the best move I could have made for my business. The change in my income has been incredible - and the change in me has been too. I highly recommend this to everyone looking to up their business game."

Anna McGloughlin

"Gemma is an online business dream machine. Give her your problems, and she’ll generously help you solve them. As part of her inspiring mastermind of wonderful women, I now have access to a whole heap of priceless tools and processes I couldn’t have accessed otherwise, I’m on target to have almost doubled my income this year and I’ve hit goals that I dreamt of for 10 years within 4 months! As a recovering perfectionist, that’s just huge for me and the most exciting part is that I know it’s only a fraction of what I’ll achieve now that my mindset has shifted so radically. Gemma is the real deal, you’ll never regret working with her."

Elsewine Rietveld

"Being part of Gemma’s mastermind is an amazing experience – a focused boost for your business, with like-minded, wonderful people. I’ve been taking my first steps converting my group trainings to an online course, but I started out a step too far, leaving out some of the essentials.

After each call, I cannot wait to take inspired action on what we talked about. I needed a smaller course to start with and with Gemma's guidance created it in 5 days from ideas-on-paper to ready-to-launch! Get in while you can, because everyone wants to work with her or hire her - she’s brilliant, real and authentic."

Karen Quinn

"Joining Gemma's mastermind is the best decision I've ever made.

I've taken huge strides forward in all aspects of my business, including writing some new offers which immediately covered the cost of joining! I am much more visible than before and I feel good about it.

The vibe is encouraging, supportive and safe. Gemma did a fabulous job of curating a well balanced group of mutual cheerleaders from different industries. It's been fabulous and I don't want it to end!"

You see, I get you.

I'm a Business & Mindset Mentor with 18 years experience. I've carefully designed my masterminds will help you to create the business results you need and the life you desire.

The doors will open soon, so if you'd like to be contacted as soon as they do, add your details below to be added to the waiting list.

It'll be worth the wait, I promise.