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Products & Packages

Grab my proven Business Strategy Training & Workbook and get the focus and clarity you need to get results.

The simple, smart system that helps you create laser sharp focus and get more done in 3 months.

My knowledge hub gives you everything you need to grow a business online and blast those results.

"The problem I‘ve found with online 'gurus' is that they spout recycled content with no personality or specificity. They are many imitators out there that are just there to take your money. But with Gemma's Academy I really get a sense that she cares. Everything has a really nice personal touch and has been tried and tested in the trenches. I’ve never seen such a comprehensive resource that gives you every tool you need to excel at online marketing. Absolutely priceless."

Dr Jack Darby

"I know it might sound too good to be true with all the many things the Academy covers, but Gemma is the real deal and so is everything she produces. Not only are the masterclasses super practical and to the point, you get access to Gemma and that is worth gold. Oh ... and I love that each month we get another two master classes. It is like a one-stop shop for everything online business."

Noomi Natar

"Gemma is an online business dream machine. As part of her inspiring mastermind of wonderful women, I now have access to a whole heap of priceless tools and processes I couldn’t have accessed otherwise, I’m on target to have almost doubled my income this year and I’ve hit goals that I dreamt of for 10 years within 4 months! As a recovering perfectionist, that’s just huge for me and the most exciting part is that I know it’s only a fraction of what I’ll achieve now that my mindset has shifted so radically. Gemma is the real deal, you’ll never regret working with her."

Anna McGloughlin

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