The 3 Month Accountability Mastermind that will take you from frustrated, overwhelmed and fearful to confident, proud and excited about your business results.

The Momentum Mastermind is run by Gemma Went and has been designed specifically for implementation and action. 

It brings together a group of hungry female business owners, ready to create success in their business.

You see, no woman is an island. It's a lonely business being an entrepreneur.

This is why creating safe, supportive, spaces for women to bond and grow is the core of my business.

But I've noticed that sometimes, people can't commit to my 10 month Rise Mastermind.

They need a quick shot of expertise, accountability and support to help them nail their goals, faster.

And this is what we'll do inside The Momentum Mastermind.


Pop in your details and I'll be sure to let you know first when I'm running Momentum again.



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