Plan Your Breakthrough Business... back.

Re-align your business and ready yourself for the breakthrough you crave in this free coaching experience.


28th September to 5th October 2020


I see you online business owner. You've been doing extra hours on the entrepreneur treadmill. You've been forging forward, surrounded by the new normal as you juggle life and - well - everything.

Adjusting to what now is, but still fearing what's to come.

I feel it too. But I'm here to tell you it can get better. Yes we've taken blow after blow this year, but it's time to get back up and come out fighting.

Because there’s so much opportunity out there to make those dreams of yours happen, you just might need to do it a bit differently than you’d planned.

It's time to pause, take a breath and reassess what your clients need and your soul craves.

Yes times have changed.

But that means it's time to change how you're doing things to align with what your clients need now.

You need to know how to grow through a recession and come out the other side with a thriving business. 

Inside of Plan Your Breakthrough Business we deal with just that. 

I'll show you how to plan a breakthrough business that works now. Not last year, not 6 months ago, not even 3 months ago. Now.

Because I’ve updated my popular free coaching week to work in this climate. 

In this week-long coaching experience, we will cover: 

The three mistakes you're making that are keeping you stuck and unable to breakthrough in this climate.

What you should do instead to re-align with your vision, step-up and show-up in a way that works now.

How to create a super focussed plan that will help you to create your business breakthrough to finish 2020 strong and ready you for a successful 2021.


Now if you’re thinking ‘But Gemma, there are so many free challenges, week-long workshops and experiences right now, how is this any different?’, let me jump in.

This isn’t one of those empty challenges where you’re getting pre-recorded trainings each day with no support, only getting to see the coach when they want to sell you something at the end.

Oh no.

When I last ran PYBB, the 350 students said it was one of the best weeks they’d had in their business and was something they’d happily pay for.

Because when I design weeks like this, I don’t make them any different to my paid offerings. I can’t.

What you’re getting inside is what I share with my one to one and mastermind clients, who invest thousands with me.  For free.

You will be getting the space and support to step back, take a breath and re-assess what’s important to you now.

You'll then get the education and inspiration to reach that vision of yours that you might have put on the back burner since the start of 'rona. 

It’s time to get that vision out, dust it off and work out how we can get you there.

You will walk away with...


 ...less than you walked in with. 

Okay, that may sound counterintuitive but hear me out.

I will be showing you how to shred what you no longer need and keep what aligns with your soul and your big bold goals. 

Because when we come from soul, we cannot help but connect to our soulmate clients, with soul led aligned messaging, soul led aligned offers and soul led aligned sales targets that you will smash. 

This is what you will create inside of PYBB: A bespoke soul led plan that will create all of that for your business. 

“But we’ll be doing all this just for you to sell us something at the end Gemma, I know the drill”.

Of course my love, of course. I teach people like you how to grow a profitable, sustainable business and this is exactly what I do for myself too.

But here’s the thing. What I’ve created for you at the end of PYBB is the most natural, lustful, 'get the hell out of my way' next step for some of the students. 

Maybe not all - I’m not here for all, I’m here for the few that are ready to show up and do the work that will ensure they come out the other side of this recession with a thriving business - but many will jump into the container I’ve designed to create massive breakthroughs.

Either way, you’ll walk away with a plan to turn what you have now into a thriving business that emerges from this recession in a healthy position. 

I should probably introduce myself at this point.

Hi, I’m Gemma, Online Business Mentor + Growth Strategist to business owners who know they were born to create incredible change in their own lives and the lives of others. 

The results speak for themselves. My clients have achieved results like this: 

✮ Doubling, trebling and 10 times’ing monthly revenue.

Vastly increasing monthly salaries with life changing affects.

 Creating and selling out new revenue streams.

 Buying dream homes.

 Creating breakthrough low-end and high-end offers.

Streamlining by adding automated systems and team members.

Replacing self doubt with a rock solid belief that they ‘can’.

Winning coveted industry awards and prizes

Reaching six, multi-six and seven figures in revenue.

And so much more.

As for my own results... 

  I have 20+ years of business and marketing experience, consulting with over a thousand one-person brands to huge global brand, and I've thrived through two recessions. This isn't my first rodeo.

I’ve built two multi-six-figure businesses of my own — the first won me an Entrepreneur of the Year award, and I created the second from a friend’s spare room while 7 months pregnant.

As a single mum, I grew that second business to six figures within two years and recently won the Entrepreneur's Champion Award at the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

I’ve grown to a virtual team of 6 and built entire business systems so the company runs like clockwork, which means I rarely work long hours, bring in consistent recurring revenue, and can take school holidays off to be a mum to my son.

So how does it work and who is it for?

PYBB is suited to start-up and established online businesses alike. So if anything I've said resonates, then join us my friend.

We start on the 28th September and wrap things up on the 5th October. Yes it’s slightly longer than the usual 5 days, but that’s because I love to leave time before the Graduation Party for those who need to catch-up (they’re heartbroken if I don’t).

Every day I will go live to either:

 Teach you a lesson, leaving you with a workbook and homework to dig in further and apply your learnings to your business right away.

 Run a coaching call to answer questions and support you as you integrate what you’ve learnt.

You see I don’t believe in filing your head with new stuff without giving you the space to do something with it. Integration is as important as education and I prioritise that.

It will take between 30 minutes and 1 hour of your time each day for 6 days.

You will walk away with your own workbook with your business breakthrough plan and a heart beating so fast with excitement you’ll struggle to catch your breath.


Good, me too.

All that’s left, is for you to sign up.

Shall we?