After spending time with lots of success people, I've noticed some common habits that contribute to their success.

And you, my friend, deserve to know about them!

So I've gathered them into a handy pdf that you can download, right here, right now.

PLUS, at the back, is a separate printable page you can print-off and pin-up to keep those new habits of your front-of-mind.


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In this free guide, I'll share with you:


  • How you can 'write your vision' into reality.
  • The ONE thing that guarantees the success of my clients, and me.
  • How your calendar can become your best friend.
  • And more ...

Hi, I'm Gemma Went

I'm a Conscious Business Mentor + Subconscious Transformation Coach with over 22 years experience online.

I work with my clients to create a success mindset that can get them through the toughest times, a potent strategy fully aligned with their purpose and goals and a clear action plan that makes it all happen. 

Upgrade your habits and create the success you dream of

Spam belongs in a tin, your details are safe with me. 
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