1st to 30th November 2018

Need a blast of income to end 2018 strong?
Then this is for you.

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners listen up!

Did you struggle to hit your income targets in 2018?

Did you want to join Elevate, my recent Mastermind but just couldn't commit this time?

Could you do with a focussed income boost before the year is out?

Then allow me to introduce THE INCOME BOOSTER. 

The Income Booster is a training program/mastermind hybrid that will help you to create more sales, fast.

For one whole month, you will join a group of likeminded small business owners, with one goal in mind. Income.

This isn't about fancy schmancy launches.

This isn't about perfection.

Our focus will be on doing this quick!

No annoying tech set-ups, no shiny sales pages, no copywriting from hell - just quick, down and dirty techniques to get you out there and selling.

This is how it works

On 1st November you'll join our Facebook Support Group where you'll be looked after by Emma Ward, one of my coaches.

You'll have access to my Income Booster training, the same training that my Elevate Mastermind has been going through from 1st October.

This will show you how to:

Uncover your customers biggest problem they are desperate to solve.

Create your killer offer that will solve it.

Create knock-their-socks-off messaging that will connect and convert.

Get super visible AND enjoy it.

Create a selling mindset.

You'll follow the training, create your killer offer and take it out to the world.

You get the Sales Masterclass Replay with Sales Coach, Jade Gemma and me, which was run in the Elevate Mastermind. This is jam packed full of sales tips you won't want to miss.

And you get access to me in a Q&A session every week, to give you the support and encouragement you need to blast those sales.


You'll also get membership of my Simply Smart Business Academy, full of essential digital marketing training.

Jade Jemma

Jade Jemma is a Sales Coach and Strategist who helps freedom focused entrepreneurs to learn to love and masters sales so that they can create more income, impact and freedom in their business.

Gemma Went

Business & Mindset Mentor with over 17 years business building experience, working with one woman bands to global brands. And now I'm bringing all of that knowledge to you, you lucky things.


Emma Ward

Emma is a Freelancer Coach and has worked in social media, content and training for The Discovery Channel, Macleans and other brands. She runs The Freelance Lifestyle and helps freelancers create success.

And after the month is up, you will have access to The Income Booster training to use again and again in your business.

Anna McGloughlin

"Gemma is an online business dream machine. Give her your problems, and she’ll generously help you solve them. As part of her inspiring mastermind of wonderful women,  I’m on target to have almost doubled my income this year and I’ve hit goals that I dreamt of for 10 years within 4 months! As a recovering perfectionist, that’s just huge for me and the most exciting part is that I know it’s only a fraction of what I’ll achieve now that my mindset has shifted so radically. Gemma is the real deal, you’ll never regret working with her."

Hilde Kloppbakken

"OMG! I just calculated that I've sold over £20k this month ALONE! That's my best month ever!

Pinch me! I've just bought a Mac and I'm ordering tickets to somewhere warm NOW!

(And ladies, listen to Gemma and get f-ing VISIBLE! This is mostly because of organic reach, I've only spent £150 in FB ads)."

Marie Yates

"Gemma’s ability to understand each business, offer bespoke guidance and enable peer support is phenomenal. The synergy between having access to Gemma’s coaching and advice while also learning from and celebrating with the other group members means business growth is unparalleled. Having struggled for years to get to where I would like to be, I’m now well on my way in only three months and can’t wait to see what the next eight months brings. Gemma, through her kindness, expertise, wisdom and integrity is a game-changer."



 Ok, so I get this stuff is scary. It means being visible. It means stepping outside of your comfort zone.

So I’ve arranged for my very own launch mindset coach, Marie Houlden, to run an Energy and EFT Session with you guys LIVE, where she will help you to blast those fears and step into who you need to be to meet those goals of yours.

We all have opinions and beliefs around sales and selling. Often these are based on what we've experienced, or what we hear others talking about.

We come to the conclusion that no one wants to hear from us and it makes us shy away from sharing who we are and what we do. This is an epic fail for our bottom line and it's why we always struggle when it comes to income. One day we're there, the next we're not, sometimes we follow up, sometimes we don't.

We feel so yucky about sales and asking for the business, that we're constantly ping ponging when it comes to being visible and present.

Our old beliefs and fears are sabotaging our success and if we can't get this right, we have no business!

If you're ready to end your inner conflict and stop sabotaging - then THE FEAR BUSTER is perfect for you.

We'll blast through these blocks and get you feeling more confident and happy about sales and selling.



You could continue as you are, wishing you'd hit your targets in 2018.
You could keep doing what you've been doing, and get the same outcome.
You could invest in this one month mastermind, and have a sales system that could bring in income before the year is out.



x2 monthly payments. Inc VAT

1 month mastermind includes:

The Income Booster Training

The Sales Masterclass Replay with Jade Jemma

Weekly Q&A calls with me

Pop up Facebook Group with support from coach Emma Ward and your fellow members.

Sales Scripts and Templates


Simply Smart Business Academy
(cost £496)


The Income Booster Training to use again and again.

The Fear Buster Bonus with Marie Houlden





1 month mastermind includes:

The Income Booster Training

The Sales Masterclass Replay with Jade Jemma

Weekly Q&A calls with me

Pop up Facebook Group with support from coach Emma Ward and your fellow members.

Sales Scripts and Templates


Simply Smart Business Academy
(cost £496)


The Income Booster Training to use again and again.

The Fear Buster Bonus with Marie Houlden


Cart Closes In ...









Got questions? No problem, email us right here.

Kara Goodrich

"Working with Gemma, you all go on a unique journey together supporting, collaborating and guiding each other every step of the way with Gemma leading the pack, sharing her immense wisdom and many many wise words.

Whether you are starting out, looking to expand or re-visiting your vision it's a unique experience that really helps you to identify and fine tune where you are, what your goals are and how to get there."

Martine Metaxas

"Gemma has a wealth of experience and loves what she does.

I know that she wants my success probably more than I - and it's not just a question of ‘her client success rates' it's something she lives and breathes, along with her dedication to her client and her integrity.

You deliver what you promise and more."

Noomi Natan

"Gemma's the real deal. There is no cookie-cutter stuff, no fluff. Gemma goes above and beyond.

She will teach you all the stuff you need to get your business moving so much faster - and she does it in a way that makes it all much simpler. She'll give you the right balance of support and challenge and she goes way beyond what you'd expect. If you're considering your options - choose Gemma. If you're doubting yourself - choose Gemma."


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