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The Lighthouse Business Academy is a CPD Accredited Training and Mentoring Company founded by multi-award-winning entrepreneur Gemma Went and is a beacon of trust in the online business industry, shining the light on simple, sustainable, wildly effective ways to grow and scale online, without burning out or selling out.

All programs are created and led by Gemma. Through The Conscious Consultant Certification, The Elevate Collective, Ascension and powerful digital courses, we help coaches, consultants, creatives and experts connect with their unique magic, build unshakeable confidence, turn their big ideas into profit-on-repeat, and change the world one feel-good ripple at a time.  

We merge proven strategies, robust mindset methods and simple systems to create six, multi-six and seven figure success stories. At our core we activate conscious humans, helping them to step into mastery as they build a business that creates a legacy. 

Our sweet spot is helping those on the cusp of six figures up to mid multi-six figures scale with soul as they build a sustainable business that aligns with them.

But enough about us, let's shine the light on you.

You’re an ambitious, resourceful human on a massive mission to build a profitable, sustainable business and leave a legacy.

You dream of scaling your big ideas with predictable growth, without the feast and famine ferris wheel that keeps pulling you back under. You dream of freedom, fulfilment, success on your terms. You yearn to build wealth for yourself, for your family, for others. 

You know deep down this is possible for you, and even though you’re made of resilient stuff you’re struggling to see HOW to reach your giant goals in a way that’s sustainable and feels really good.

But who should you trust to help?

Everything you've seen or tried feels like it's trying to force you into a rigid formula or down a path that doesn’t feel entirely ethical, compassionate, or inclusive. Three things that are important to you. 

Your dreams won’t wait any longer. You know life is short and you don’t want to waste time on anything that doesn’t work. You’re not interested in shady strategies, cookie cutters, or advice that isn’t aligned with who you truly are and what you truly want. 

You want to reach multi-six or seven figures, but not if it means selling out or selling your soul. You know you'll get there, but you want to do it in a way that feels aligned with you. 

You’re looking for your lighthouse. A beacon of trust in an online world that shines a light on how to do business the right way. The simple and soulful way. The ethical and inclusive way. The way that’s going to get you radical breakthroughs and repeatable results and still feel like fun.  

That’s where we come in.

At the core of our offers sits our Soul Led Success Framework which merges strategy, mindset and energetics. We focus on helping our clients create simple, aligned online businesses based on recurring revenue and evergreen models. While ensuring their mindset and energy are matched with their goals to prevent resistance, sabotage and burnout.

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That’s where we come in.

At the core of our offers sits our Soul Led Success Framework which merges our three core pillars: strategy, mastery and legacy. We focus on helping our clients create simple, aligned online businesses that create consistent £10k to £50k+ months with unshakeable inner confidence, unique standout and an aligned, sustainable business with next level revenue, freedom and fulfilment.

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Recurring Revenue Models
Evergreen Offers
Evergreen Sales System
Experience Design
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Subconscious Rewiring
Unique Genius Positioning
Next Level Authority
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Vision + Mission Alignment
Scaling with Soul
Financial Planning
Impact Mapping

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Harriett Jackson

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Dr Kate Tomas

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Tracy Litt-Lester

Her methods and framework for getting out of overwhelm and into action are awesome. Her ideas and direction are invaluable. Her generosity, her listening, her love are unparalleled.

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Jo Bendle

My business increased 65% from having her support and constant encouragement. I know a lot of the biz stuff but I still needed this lovely legend in my life to support me through my next uplevel.

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Sharn Khaira

Gemma’s the real deal and hands down one of the best mentors I have worked with! She was the first person to really believe I could hit six figures, even though that meant doubling my income!

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Claire Winter

If you want expert eyes on your business, look no further. Gemma has an amazing ability to give you great advice to achieve clarity. A master of recurring revenue, she will give actionable advice to move your business forward with grace, humour and tough love.

Our current offers are listed below.

If any of these speak to you, click to find out more.
If you're still not sure, scroll to the bottom of the page for our handy form or hit the live chat. 

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Soniamarie Palmer

It's been invaluable and is truly is a great place for you if you want to stay on track, get accountability, have access to Gemma and learn a lot. It has all the resources for you you need, when you need it.

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Dipti Solanki

This is the most comprehensive, value packed container with trainings on everything. The massive bonus of having Gemma on a weekly mentoring call is just the icing on the cake and worth the fee alone.

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Karen Kissane

Gemma helped me to get my mission, message and positioning really, really clear. She is clearly good at what she does, but also really passionate about words and how you use them to create impact. She shone a light on what I do, how I help people and helped me take my ideas and create something so much more.

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Jenny Guyat

Gemma holds space beautifully, securely and wisely whilst guiding you through some rocky terrain, however at all points I felt supported, nurtured and safe. I've shifted from confusion, resistance, frustration and fear to clarity, purpose, motivation and a clear action plan. I highly recommend her to anyone who just can't get out of their own way.

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Skye Barbour

Working with Gemma has been ground breaking. I was standing in my own way and under her guidance, I changed my focus, re-wrote my programs, increased my offers and prices, generated leads and SOLD - not in a one off launch, but consistently. Having seriously happy clients, leaving me thinking... why didn't I do this WAY sooner. Gemma went above and beyond to help, went the extra mile (like jumping on an extra call just because!), and gave me the tough love that I needed at times. She also opened doors for me with contacts, clients and an opportunities. Working with Gemma was on my vision board, and she hasn't disappointed.

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Kerrie Leather

I've witnessed many shady things in the online business world and I wanted to be part of a community that stands for integrity. Since joining the Certification, I've re-designed my working week, recruited a new crack team and handed over the ropes on all aspects of the business that aren't my zone of joy. My personal relationships have improved as I'm much more present and much less overwhelmed. And now I've got an unlimited amount of offers up my sleeve that the content is already created for, which I can simply tweak and put my own stamp on, and put out to my audience with complete confidence the methodology is going to work.

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Chelsea Green

Since working with Gemma, I find I'm able to just show up and do the work – writing and voicing my truth has become easier, I'm much more productive, content flows, I don’t feel the need to buy every course looking for that magic bullet or extra skill, and the biggest thing for me is that I trust myself. The self-doubt is gone, along with attaching my self-worth to my outcomes. My only wish is that I had done something like this sooner. I honestly cannot recommend Gemma enough.  She is caring and has buckets of empathy; she is one of the few coaches who I feel really wants others to succeed.Gemma delivers on every promise and some.

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Katie Salinger

Before I signed up I was stuck in a state of procrastination. I sort of knew what needed to be done, however I was unsure of what really needed to be done, and in what order. Gemma gave me clear direction, plus a simple step-by-step path and plan to follow for the next 3 months. She does an amazing job of sifting through the jumble, to pick out the pieces which need to be done, before sorting them into the right order for moving your business forward. Not only that, but she also provided links to all the training and resources I need to get the plan completed - No more excuses!


Pop your details below, we'll assess which is most aligned with your needs and email over our thoughts.